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  1. Want something new, but don't have the time or supplies to make something like parsley-garlic roasted salmon vodka? (ew.)
    Well, here is the ultimate compilation of simple food that even your kid can make! Oh, it's also a recipe-sharing thread.

    Item Difficulty/Prep Difficulty

    Difficulty of making the item is helpfully marked with tags.
    A recipe name will look like this:
    ($$) (!!!) Hole in the Center Pancakes

    The ($$) stands for Item Difficulty. There are 3 classes of Item Difficulty, for items that are easy to find to hard to find. All the items that are in these lists have been chosen so that you may find them at any grocery store. In fact, many of the items on the Item Difficulty 1 list can be found in any drug store or gas station!

    Anyways, to make a more simplified explanation:
    ($) General Staples
    ($$) Specialty Items
    ($$$) Extras

    Oh, and on Prep Difficulty, that's for how hard it is to make what you're gonna make. So it would be like this:
    (!) Simple Microwave/Pan/Pot Use
    (!!) Extended Pot/Pan Use
    (!!!) Oven Use/Frying

    Items List
    If you want to make this food, you'll need to stock up on some Item Difficulty 1 ingredients, listed here:

    Oil (the cooking kind, not the car kind)
    All-Purpose Flour
    Kosher Salt
    Baking Soda
    Baking Powder
    Granulated Sugar

    Recipes in this list that are Item Difficulty 2 or higher will require some or all of these ingredients:
    Brown Sugar
    Chocolate Chips
    Shredded Cheddar Cheese
    Vanilla Extract

    Recipes in this list that are Item Difficulty 3 or higher will require some or all of these ingredients:
    Confectioner's Sugar
    Peanut Butter

    Okay, that's all for the prep work. (hehe, cooking pun) On to the main recipes section!

    No recipes here... Add some! Post below.

    Huh? You want to add your own? Click here for more info

    Post the recipe here! Just make sure it's formatted so anyone can read it. For example, google the cooking term and simplify it - If it says to saute the rice until brown, just say "Keep moving the rice around so all of it gets hot until it turns brown". Also, make sure the ingredients in your recipe are listed somewhere in the Items List - if even one ingredient isn't in the Items List, I can't post it officially. But, if you post your recipe and I note that an important ingredient isn't on the items list (say, flour) I can add it and approve your recipe. You should also try not to copy-and-paste from recipe sites unless you've made that thing before and liked it. If you have any tips on a recipe (it usually takes 15 seconds to cook these pancakes), put them in your post!
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  2. My mom sometimes makes chocolate cupcakes, filled with melted chocolate chips, white chocolate chips in that melted chocolate, and topped with a film of melted chocolate.