Share your ping!

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  1. Some have 50... Some have 150.... Let hear what you have!

    I will just put mine out there early so you can gaze in awe... This is 100% legit

    EDIT: I also live in GB :p

  2. 100% Legit
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  3. Mines around the 200ms Mark, It's probably on the other side of the world from the united states, I dosn't really effect me though so I don't mind that it's high :)
  4. I hover around 90-110. Just checked and its at 100 exactly.

  5. And I live halfway around the world from the US.
  6. That's not actually your ping. When you log in, for some reason, EMC calculates your ping as being 0 and gradually rises until it gets to the actual ping. If you wait a minute or two it'll be correct.
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  7. Hushhh
  8. Yes, This is as good as it gets... *sigh* EDIT: I live in London so cut me some slack...
  9. Heh...
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  10. NICE!
  11. An I thought my 250ms ping was bad.
  12. .... 0ms ...