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  1. Hello, Empirians,

    It's been quite a while since you've seen a proper thread from me. I have been quite occupied with real life lately, but I intend to get playing a lot more now. Now, on to the point of this thread...

    It's midnight and I'm bored. I begin to think of what I want to do in life - what I want to achieve. I begin to wonder about what other people want to do in life, and here we are!

    I am asking you to share your bucket list of what you really want to do at one point in your life. To begin, I shall share mine.

    1) Meet Stephen Harper. (Did this one last October!)
    2) Skydive.
    3) Visit McKamey Manor and make it out alive (or at least half alive).
    4) Complete a marathon.
    5) Become fluent in five modern languages (I already fluently speak French, English, and almost fluent in Spanish)
    6) Backpack across Europe, through Asia and down to India.
    7) Buy a car, pack my bags and drive to a random location with no other itinerary or info about where I'm going.

    These are just some things I wish to accomplish before I die. Share yours, read others', be happy.

  2. Climb a mountain. (Not like a tiny mountain, like a BIG mountain
    RAGBRAI (google it)
    Go Skydiving
    Become Fluent in another language (baby steps here)
    Do a triathlon

    And more, I will add as I figure out want to do with my life :p

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  3. Beat Penguindj at pvp.
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  4. Eat a rattlesnake
  5. Bumpin' it up. :)
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  6. This may sound weird to most but one of my biggest goals in life is to eat a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. I have a level 6 allergy to peanuts (the most dangerous) and my whole life never had one. Been told the past 17 years that there's tests or doctors working on treatment for people with allergies, but obviously there's not been much progress eh? :p But one day, I really hope to eat one as they are fairly popular...
  7. Become an astronomer.
    Race a Ford Mustang Cobra Jet.
    Own an exotic car.
    Be a part of a big help.
    Get married and have kids.
    Go to the University of Georgia.
    Get a 6 pack.
    Make an invention that could change the world.
  8. I will in a sec
  9. Figure out how to unnubbify myself

    Become Batman

    Buy a small country

    Dive the Great Barrier Reef

    (Listed in order of importance, the first being most important)
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