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  1. I thought today was an adventure so i decided (with pandas help) to post about it xD it was a bad day but also a funny. Everyone should share their adventure stories too...

    Today me and my friends decided to go fishing We stopped by a bait shop, i spent 3 dollars for 30 live minnows and chicken liver.

    We got to the lake got our stuff unpacked and we go to put minnows on the hook but i just couldn't do it. They were small cute little fishies with big round eyes and it just made me feel bad @__@ so we dumped them into the lake didnt even use them.

    So the day goes on when all of a sudden my friend starts freaking out "BRIT HEEEELP BRIT OOOH LAWD HELLP" It took me and him to pull this fish in then we got it to the bank and it was some mutated huge freaken carp fish. It was black and about 13 inches long it had huge scales it really scared me and him. Some guy had to come help us and he just cut the line then gave us glow sticks to put on the end of our bobbers (he probably thought we were like 14 or something and felt bad).

    An hour later we are just relaxing and eating when my pole does a 90 degree angle within seconds. Im trying to reel and pull, my friend is freaking out screaming like a girl running around. My reel breaks and i watch as my line just keep going further and further out till the top part of my pole breaks off and is still being pulled in so i just let go of the rest of my pole and watched as it got carried away by Moby Dick.....

    So got my back up pole out, line snaps. Get my back up of my back up out and some huge cat fish got on the end and i broke the handle off (still cant find it) and he got away.

    Three poles down..... had to buy another one.

    Also if that didnt make matters worse he broke a pole too, I slid down a muddy bank by the river it was like i was skiing. I also got hooked (yo ho yo ho near the hooks ill never go) by our blond friend.

    If none of that cut the cake then its the ending of when my friend throws a rock at a water snake and it gets on the bank and starts coming at us. We are freaking out when all of a sudden a goose comes at it like "GAWK GAWK GOO" what ever noise they make and chases it scaring it off....we were saved by a goose.....
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  2. Letting the Minnows go was worse than using them as bait. They'll just get eaten by the fish native to that pond/stream/lake/river.


    I just sit in one spot of my room all day, sometimes I go out with my friends... It isn't too interesting :confused: I'll need more time to come up with one.
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  3. Naw we have all kinds of minnows in our lake were i live, yes i know big fish eats small fish but usually in our lakes fish stay in certain spots to them selves so out of those 30 pretty much 20 will survive. Minnows in our bait shops around here are actually from our lakes.
  4. Errr, didn't do much today.
    I went shopping with some friends, ate at subway. Smashed some cars, killed 2000+ cops and hijacked about 20 cars, recorded the footage, but CBFed to upload it. Finally i went on Facebook and to tell everyone how boring my day is.
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  5. I too once walked on the wild side, I robbed banks and stole candy from children, No regrets.... especially no regrets about the candy (children are satans spawn)
  6. I didn't say anything about stealing from children, stealing from children is just dog! :D
  7. Today I didn't do much. The last "eventful" thing that happened that is recent is last Thursday our car caught on fire in the driveway.
  8. What? How? Sounds bad...
  9. My husband and his coworker took the fuel filter off and when he started it, the engine caught fire. It's not supposed to do that.