Share you Christmas Presents LOOT!!!

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  1. This will be the thread to post your pictures of your Christmas loot! Now you can take a selfie with your best present to post here OR you can post everything wrapped/unwrapped! Post anything! Nothing inappropriate please, let's keep it kid friendly here please. Every picture shown here will get one like from me because I love everything. I hope you guys like this idea, And this message will be unwrapped on Christmas day at 2:00 AM EST (Usual time I wake up...). Thank you. Also do not post here, if you do with either revealing this or just a comment will be removed. You will also be allowed to ONLY and ONLY reserve a post here by typing in "Reserved" then commenting, this will be allowed.
  2. Reserved
    Why shutter talk?
  3. Ugh, I will day what I got but aint nobody taking pics #LazyLifeBruh
  4. Can you delete this one and the one above this one but keep the reserved for christmas please? Thanks
  5. Official bump! :D
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