Share What You Can do with Redstone!

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  1. 2013-07-09_23.53.14.png Well, Lets all share things we have made redstone! Heres Something I made while being very bord XD
  2. My TnT Cannon Backfired on me afte ri tried to expand it :O 2013-07-10_19.53.03.png
  3. My pretty awesome vending machine I made, customizable currency and has a auto restock feature + a currency pickup place.
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  4. That's genius! Mind if I steal the idea?
  5. No I don't mind, It's copying the old "must be premium to view this" troll.
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  6. :3 I have to Be a supporter to view this? XD
  7. 2013-07-10_20.35.41.png 2013-07-10_20.36.15.png

    My very efficient TNT cannon, shoots 39 pieces of TNT.

    I've had other TNT cannons, and they've shot up too 1,152 pieces of tnt in one load (also very easy to make and VERY efficient). :D
  8. That was the point >.>

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  9. Im gonna Work On a TnT Cannon That Will Be Tot Awesome :)
  10. Best. Video. Ever! I'm glad I'm a supporter.
  11. -_- I wanna Watch it
  12. My face missed my palm and hit the floor...
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  13. I think this is the first time I have literally laughed out load on EMC.
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  14. Lol
  15. Guys.
    Look at the SMP3 live map of town. Nearish the top right, a giant structure "You must be diamond" or something...
  16. I fell out of my chair, literally. Damn you, PenguinDJ. :D
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  17. WHY!
  18. Little off topic XD.