Share some of yo pets!

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  1. A show yourself for your pets yay. I think there was one a while back but anyways I started this new one.

  2. Mines the little baby in the front :3
  3. For some reason the last one cracks me up :p
  4. Hawt! :p
    I hope this is a girl...
  5. tucky 7 weeks.jpg
    My dogs name is Tucky. We wanted to name him Kentucky but we realized the name was too long. So we stuck with Tucky. The 10 year old me had the best photo shop skills EVAR!
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  6. Oh pugs. Those are some wonderful pets! Is the last one bedslug
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  7. Mine's an Italian Greyhoud... lol. It was about 7 weeks old in the picture. He is about 1 foot tall and can run up to 35 miles per hour. Super cool, but if he has your sock your not going to get it back unless you can run 36 mph.
  8. Yus That's bedslug
    Haha I love muh little bedslug.
    Nah Das muh little boy
  9. alicebunny.jpg

    This is my pet AliceF3. 'Nuff Said. I'm Dead, Whelp
  10. This are some of my pets :D

    Here Is Capo.


    Here Is Lomborio

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  11. Here is my pet deer Gerald

  12. I was actually just wondering if we had a post like this. I'm going to bring it back for a bit by introducing my four dogs (Nemo, Reba, Kaja, and Paris) and kitty (Zabriella) :3
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  13. Love that black dog... :D
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  14. Prince I swear I will actually kill you -.-
  15. louie.jpg stuff.jpg My cat Mr Fat Stuff and my dog Louie
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  16. Wait
    Your dog is a sales associate?
  17. He helps in the pet department ;) (I hope)
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  18. Lui (Butter Cow) and Nova (Mitten)
    Take a guess at which is which :p
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