Shar02 is stealing form 1933

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by pilpup4, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. Shar02 is stealing from 1933 (pilpup4)
    Regards pilpup4
  2. Do you have proof
  3. yes he stole some diamonds from me and an axe
  4. I mean a photo
  5. Screen shots? Did he have perms? More detail please.
  6. just wait i will get some soon
  7. he stole diamonds axes picks
  8. not to mention the eggs
  9. I am glad you have sorted it out between yourselves, it shows maturity and the ability to solve problems within the community. :)
    Please remember to always be careful with your permissions, and '/res default' is your friend. :)