Shane's 170th day giveaway! =D

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Should I do another giveaway on my 1 year day on EMC?

Yeah 17 vote(s) 94.4%
Nope 1 vote(s) 5.6%
  1. ENDED My 170th Giveaway!
    Seriously, I couldn't wait until my half-year day on emc, so i pushed this giveaway up a week. :D
    Wither Skull
    Labor Bench (2014)
    All my ruppes! Total so far: 5,575 (feel free to donate, all rupees goes to this giveaway)
    8 Haunted Candies
    10 Cupid Arrows
    Vault Voucher
    Stable Voucher
    Nether Star
    This giveaway has ended. No one can enter from now on.
    How to Enter:
    1. Read the whole story and follow me JK :p
    1. Leave a question about me
    2. Enter a number in your post: 1-200 ONLY
    No alternate accounts please

    Once I have answered your question, you are entered. The winners will be picked at on my 170th day so yeah! Good Luck!

    I have never told the story of how I got to EMC, so here it is...

    Once upon a time... I had a friend who was interested in another game. He was getting quite bored of minecraft and offered his account to me. :) I mainly was interested in XXXXXXXX server and played on the server a lot. Then, since I was quite new to minecraft, I wanted to play survival more often. I created one world in survival, but without anyone to play the game with, I felt lonely. I started watching youtube videos on some survival tips. I then came across a great youtuber who had a series called the cube. The cube was mainly about building cool shops and houses while meeting this youtuber's friends in the game. The series was very interesting. Sometimes the youtuber had problems, in their house or the "spawn." Well, I became inspired and wanted to build cool shops like they did. I started searching for minecraft servers that were called "smp" servers. I found one, but a few days after I joined, I got griefed and was killed by some players. I decided I needed a new server. Then, I found EMC. I joined and I went thru the nicely designed tutorial that explained all my questions. I knew that this was a perfect server for me. FAST FORWARD almost 170 days later...

  2. 12, what was your first day on EMC like?
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  3. Whats your real life name?

    200 please.
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  4. I'll take 32, and why did you join smp3?
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  5. What is emc like to you now from when you first joined? What has changed? #44
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  6. #21 if you could change any thing about Emc or mine craft what would it be? :)
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  7. I had a nice welcome and started building my first ever res: Lazerz. The buildings were so bad, I destroyed it. :p


    I used my x-ray brain. :p No, I just joined and made smp3 my home server

    Your first part of the question was similar to colepuncher's. I will answer the second part though. Lots of more members are on, and I know most of the players on emc.
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  8. 79, what hobbies do you have irl (other than minecraft)?
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  9. 13, When is your b-day?(don't have to answer if you don't want to)
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  10. Hmm. *cough* I don't think anything needs to be changed. Except... Smp3 for the whole world! :D *cough*

    I play the piano and practice American kempo(karate)
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  11. 31, please.
    Do you like Skellies or Endermen better?
    *as seen from Shanekas' avatar*
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  12. What is your favorite part about EMC? #98
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  13. How did you discover Emc (who got you to join)? Number 132 please
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  14. 42 please. :)

    What do you consider to be your greatest EMC accomplishment?

    Also, you can only invite 10 people to a conversation yourself.
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  15. Oh great. I guess I will just need to tell players that won something myself.
  16. July 9

    Hmm. I like skellies better. :)

    I really like the forums part of EMC. So much interesting threads that make me laugh and cry. Also the players that make up the emc community.

    Well obviously you didn't read my story, but that's okay. :) I just discovered emc on a minecraft server website

    joining emc. :D
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  17. Could I get 144 please?
    Is you actual name Shane? Because that's my name too.
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  18. Actually i did read the story but i didnt have my glasses on so i couldnt read it very well
  19. 17, how was your day?
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  20. What else do you like to do for fun, other than emc? If I need to pick a number, give me 13:)