ShalomOut's ShopScraper

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  1. Hello everyone today I am working on a project call the ShopScraper. I am planning on making it close to 200 blocks tall (if possible). there will be teleporters on the ground flor to take you to all the other floors, if you wish to donate stone bricks and glass, and different dyes, haven't decided that color the windows will be, there will be a hopper outside the building also feel free to donate me rupees your name will be shown on the ground floor on signs. if you do donate rupees.

    status picture.png

    I know it is a long long LONG way from done but it is getting there, and no windows have been put down because I do not know where I should put them and or what color they should be or if they even need a color.
  2. so it has been about 3 months and i have got done with the stone brick wall, now i am inserting windows then adding floors then last but not least stocking the shops! the store WILL be open before next year.
  3. Bump, started to insert windows