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What Story Do You Want to Hear First?

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The Dullahan (Headless Horseman) 2 vote(s) 50.0%
The Lycanthrope (Werewolf) 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Baba Yaga (A Witch) 2 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. All Hallows' Eve is almost upon us and for the next few weeks before it hits I'll will write 3 stories of 3 popular monsters with a strong connection to Halloween. The monsters that I'll be telling tales of will be the Dullahan, the Lycanthrope and Baba Yaga. We'll be traveling around Europe to hear these stories, the first story will be here soon. But for now if there is a specific creature you wish to hear of first, then answer the poll. But for now don't lose your head!

    On a side note the stories will be written here, so subscribe or comment if you don't want to muss them.
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  2. Headless Horseman.. Cool to see another writer. :) I'm doing a werewolf and zombie rn. :p I'm excited for your stories.
  3. Yay more scary stories! A lot of people have been writing scary stories recently and they have all been awesome. I bet yours will be great to :D I really want to hear the witch one!
  4. Well I'm glad to know you're looking forward to it. A little thing about the poll, the order in which I write the stories will based on most to least votes.
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  5. I like Baba Yaga, when we were little our parents used to tell us the story to try and scare us but we'd end up laughing at the house with chicken legs :') good times
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  6. The Rider in the Forest

    My father used to tell me tales of a headless rider, a fairy known as the dullahan. He said it rode a horse as dark as a moonless night that had eyes as red as blood, that he wielded an ax sharper than a forged blade. But he always reminded me that the dullahan was merely a myth, a story to scare children, now I know that is not true.

    It was a windy autumn day. I was only 12 when it happened, my father had invited me to go hiking in the Irish forest with him, so we did. My father showed me how to whittle a stick and start a fire and before we knew it, night was upon us. "We should start heading back, lest we anger the fairies", my father told me, but when we looked around my father realized we were lost. I cried a little, but my father calmed me down. Then we heard the galloping of a horse, it got louder the more we stood around, it was getting closer.

    "What is that?", I asked my father out of fear. He told me it was nothing to worry about, simply a man who could likely help us get out of this accursed forest, so we waited. The gallop grew louder until the rider came into view. He was clad in black armor and rode a horse as dark as this night.

    "Could it be?", my father was suddenly alarmed. "Run Aidan!", so I ran as fast as I could. My father simply stood there. I looked back while I ran, I noticed as the rider got closer to my father, it pulled out an ax. But the most terrifying thing about the rider was his lack of a head, at that moment the ax then came down onto my father. He was dead, his body fell to the ground, I screamed at the horrid sight. I continued to run, but the dullahan never followed. As I ran I tripped over a root and fell to the ground, hit by a rock I went unconscious.

    When I awoke the next day, I was at home in bed. The police were here talking to my mother, I overheard them say that they found him dead, they said that there we're no traces of who killed him. Only that his chest was cut by an ax and that the man who killed him rode a horse.

    The End

    Come back soon for the next story soon, hope you enjoyed. Feel free to say what you thought also.
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  7. Thrill of the Hunt

    England. It's full of many monsters, vampires, spirits, dragons. If you can name it, it's in England. But there is no monster more vile, more terrible than the Lycanthrope. A man who turns into a wolf at the sight of a full moon, thus it is my job as chief hunter Ava to hunt down these creatures, but let me tell you a tale from my early days and my encounter with a Lycanthrope.

    I had been a hunter for a month now, my teacher, Jackson Wood had helped me hunt down a clan of vampires and kill the leader. It was at that time that he thought I was ready for a more difficult challenge. He me that there was rumors of a Lycanthrope terrorizing Burford and that they were looking for some hunters to find it and kill it.

    "So do you think you're ready for this Ava?", I nodded. "Then we must make with due haste, a full moon will soon be upon us". We got our horses from the stables and rode off for Burford. It took us a day's time to get to Burford. When we did arrive at the town it was quite empty and those that were left seemed to be in their houses looking out at us through the windows.

    "It seems this will be more difficult than I thought", I mentioned. Jackson laughed a little, but there was still a hint of seriousness in his voice. He told me to wait here well he went and talked to the townspeople. A few minutes after he left I noticed a man passed out under a tree, I ran over. I tapped his shoulder he looked up at me quickly and I noticed something about his eyes, they were yellow.

    "Jackson!", I yelled quickly, "I found the Lycanthrope!", but before he could get here the man slashed out at me and ran away quickly. "We missed him", Jackson handed me a crossbow and 5 bolts.

    "Take these, they are crossbow bolts with silver tips. They will kill it instantly. But for now let's set up camp and set a trap". For the next few hours we set up camp and made a trap that should trap the Lycanthrope for long enough for me to get a clean shot. Now we waited.

    Night soon fell upon us, a full moon rose to replace the burning sun. We waited in hiding for many hours but then a seething howl interrupted the silence of night. "It worked", Jackson whispered,we came out of hiding and there it was gripping the meat we hanged on a nearby tree, it was stuck in the wolf trap. "Shoot now!", Jackson yelled. I took aim and fired, but to our dismay it broke free before I could shoot. The Lycanthrope jumped at us ferociously and attacked Jackson. It ripped at his flesh and killed him, then it looked at me, at that moment I took my shoot. The bolt hit it right in the chest, it died almost instantly. It fell to the ground with a thump and it transformed back into a man.

    I buried Jackson at a grave for fallen hunters and disposed of the Lycanthrope's corpse. I mourned for my master and I blame myself for his death. But until the end of my days I will fight against the forces of darkness and their evils.

    The End

    Come back soon for the next story soon, hope you enjoyed. Feel free to say what you thought also in the comments. Up next Baba Yaga.
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  8. The Witch and the Woods

    I've heard tales about the old Russian woods in which I live nearby , tales of a witch who calls herself Baba Yaga. In a house she lives with chicken legs, practicing her almost evil magic. One day I decided to see if the tales were true. I was terrified by how true they were.

    It was an Autumn morning when I decided to leave my cottage by the ancient woods that were said to be home to Baba Yaga and travel into them. I took with me my faithful hound Alexei. The woods had a beaten path of dirt and stone that had not been traveled in many years, it was surrounded by trees and bird song, I feared every step I took. With every step I took the night grew ever so closer, till the moon arched over the sky. "Well Alexei it seems the tales aren't true. I was a fool to believe that an evil witch was in the nearby woods", I said. Yet my words seemed to betray me when I heard the rustling of a large object nearby, Alexei began bark towards it's direction. I walked towards the bushes in which the sound came and to my dismay laid a house on chicken legs.

    "Come hear my dear", I heard an older feminine voice say, Alexei began to whimper. "Don't be afraid I won't hurt you. Why I simply want to invite you for a bite to eat, you look terribly hungry", now I could see who spoke these words. It was an older woman who had a broomstick with her, it was undoubtedly Baba Yaga.

    "I apologize but I can't stay for a nice bite to eat, I must get back home", I knew Baba Yaga would eat me if I accepted. She shook her head quite slowly.

    "Naughty, rude man I simply wanted you to come in for a bite, now it seems I'll take a bite out of you", she made a mortar appear and jumped in it with her wretched broom. I ran with my life but Alexei refused to run, I whistled for him, but he refused. He was petrified with fear. Baba Yaga chased me in her floating mortar as I ran, there was no escape, she got me...

    "Gah!", I looked around. Here I was in my bed with Alexei at my side, the horror I saw, it felt so real, yet was nothing but a nightmare.

    The End?

    Well maybe not yet, but the story of Baba Yaga will be continued soon enough, but for now comment what you think about all the stories so far if you wish.