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  1. Welcome! If you are reading this that means you have a interest in the SMP4 book shop.

    Now at Shadow's Publication House (SPH for short) we have a variety selection of books written by me and EMC's community available for you to purchase. Are selections include various guides, short stories and longer stories and we got something for everyone! All books are only 50r each!
    SPH also has a interesting function where you can send us your books written in EMC to us and if there good enough we may just sell them for you. And if they sell you get half the profits. For your story to be acceptable it must have a minimal amount of grammatical errors, must have a interesting story/be a helpful guide and must be a copy of the original copy. If we like your book we will sell it and you may send us more coups via mail whenever you wish!
    At SPH we also honour great works of writing on EMC and the forums and have a wall dedicated to writers and the title of there titular works. Getting on here is no easy feat and you must be quite the writer.
    So come to SPH today and order some books by simply choosing what you want from the preview chest inside and writing the names down in a book and quill. (We will only send you the books once payment comes in.) Or you could wait till I get online and come to my shop then.
    Feel free to leave how you like the shop or have suggestions on to improve it, comment here and we hope to see you soon!
  2. SPH will be closed for a bit as I travel and stay at a outpost called Last Lights.
    I will post here once we are open again.
  3. SPH is now open again feel free to leave your orders at the hopper. We also have a new book in stock.