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  1. Hi. I'm looking for a shaders pack that gives me at least 60 FPS (need room for laggy recordings), works on OSX, and looks decent. Any suggestions? I don't have the best of graphics cards, so something relatively light would be nice.
  2. Kuda Lite/Medium
    Chocapic lite
  3. What graphics card do you have? If you don't have a very good gpu you're not going to get 60 fps on even the crappiest looking shader packs. What you're looking for probably doesn't exist.
  4. I have a GTX660. The highest I've gotten with a shader's pack is 30 FPS with Sildur's Medium. So, half-decent casual gameplay is possible.
  5. If you're using optifine, don't forget to disable animated textures and things that you don't need. Optifine animated textures in particular can cut frame rate by 30%-50%.

    That said I get really varied frame rates with shaders so I only use them for screenshots.