sgx2000 res sale

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  1. i have 12 chests left full of stuff i'm trying to sell. i want to sell them as the entire chest so just make an offer.

    EDIT: all sold... thanks everyone
  2. 150r for #4
  3. Chest #8 for 2,000r

    Chest #1 for 3,000r

    Chest #3 for 2,500r
  4. I will offer 6.2k for chest 1. Can you tell me what the blocks in the corner are for chest 3 and what the red/purple blocks are for chest 8?
  5. sold sold sold and sold
    come to 19260 on smp9
  6. chest #3 is glowstone, pistons, redstone gear type stuff

    the colored blocks are wool, just had a little bit of that
  7. 200r for chest #8
  8. okay 1,3,8 have all been bought and paid for.

    for the others, please come to 19260 on smp9
  9. I will also offer 9k for chest 3.
    Edit: nvm
  10. Chest #7 for 600r
  11. 1300 rupees for chest #4
    I luv glass :D
  12. sold, come to 19260 on smp9 to pick up
  13. Can you save the chest for me? Unfortunately I'm not able to login atm :confused:
  14. i can't guarantee it because i'm trying to sell all this stuff today

    when can you login?
  15. i have edited the first post with the chests that are left. trying to sell everything today so come to 19260 on smp9 and make an offer!
  16. Eh, I'm not 100% sure, but probably later today, tomorrow afternoon at it's worst.
    But as I see you need that money, if someone makes a good offer and that person can pay at the moment, don't worry about me :)
  17. it's not about money, it's just about time... trying to get rid of the stuff.. check with me once you can get on!
  18. Ok :p
  19. 1k for chest 10
  20. sold

    come to 19260 on smp9 to get it