Sgt_Pepper4's Firefloor!!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Sgt_Pepper4, Mar 21, 2015.

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  1. That's right folks! Firefloor is happening on 3/22/2015 5 PM EMT time (9 PM GMT) on smp8! The address is 16870 and you type /v 16870 to get there. Its the largest firefloor anyone can make in smp 1-9 (my whole 60 x 60 res) ! When you get there, there is netherrack on fire, go down the hole and you're in the arena. If you'd like, please bring any kind of leaves, this arena takes over a dc of leaves to do one round. I'm not even sure how many flints and steels this will take so please bring some too. Also there is a donation chest that was approved by BlackKnight1021 set up for the winner! If you'd like to come watch you can type /v +bulk watch . Or if you fall and want to see who wins, type that same thing. One round this time. Though if I get a lot of leaf donations and people demand it I can maybe set up another round. If everything goes well we can have this every Sunday! Or just more often! Spread the word and good luck! Thanks!
  2. I'll update prizes people donate. Right now people donated, 1 diamond block, 2 stacks of iron blocks, a donkey, a horse, a mooshroom, 2 melons, 2 lightly used arrows. All going to the winner!
  3. How can arrows be used?
  4. hahaha i meant bows
  5. I'm coming for sure
  6. Im logging on now, I will shoot you 10,000r for the winner.
  7. Someone donated 10k ruppees to me to give to the winner!
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  8. This is going to be huge! I got another 5k from someone! 15k total going to the winner!
  9. Mushroom tree, 45 cobblestone, and a lead also going to the winner!
  10. Sunday. Tomorrow 3.22.15
  11. Game On Guys ;) Lol.
  12. more prizes for the winner! : cookies, 2 oak logs, another bad bow, 27 nether wart, 7 iron ore, 24 leather, an iron sword with sharpness 1, 10 sandstone
  13. I just donated a bunch of leaves. I hope you enjoy. I'll try to make it this is awesome!!!!
  14. ill def be there. this means war! :p
  15. Thank you for the leaves! I'll need more. I got enough to do 2 rounds i think
  16. We may need more flints and steels XD I only have a few at the moment. And baked potatoes have been added to the prize
  17. Omg I'll be there! *screenchots thread* I'll donate 1k because I'm poor for a supporter :p
  18. tru dat
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