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  1. Lately I have noticed that the server has been really quite laggy far worse than I have ever seen it.

    as of late (the last few days) it has been worse for me than the old server used to be I have never had lag with the server before so this is pretty new and I know it's not an isolated case as others have been screaming lag in chat.

    I spoke with Jer yesterday and he said it was fine and that it was handling people well but I just don't see that I suspect a rogue plugin or some sort of memory leak from something just figured I'd post and let you know.

    It could be a connection thing but then it would be server side.
  2. I monitor the server very closely and I can look into it, but I can tell you that for the last 24 hours it was performing great. Memory management is fine (no leaks) and garbage collection is running in record times (can be a cause of lag in some slower servers). And the ticks per second (time in MC) was running above 15 (most popular servers strive for 6).

    With that being said, other things can have what is perceived as "lag". I know you are running a sick computer so it could also be the latency of your internet connection to our dedicated server. Being that it is one server for some people it won't always have the greatest connection (internet routes change daily). This is not the case with something like XBL because they have tens of thousands of server scattered all over the world, and when you connect it picks the best one for you..
  3. I highly doubt it's my latency to the server but it could be I currently in my current state have no way of testing it but I personally connect and host a lot of server in the US.

    Another reason I believe it isn't latency to the server is that when it happens to me 10-12 people instantly shout lag in chat which is why I believe it is a server issue.
  4. Their will always be small periods of lag, in any game that runs on the internet. This could be anything from server rotating logs to again temporary route issues when the networks have to react and reroute traffic around a problem. Again I will monitor closely to see if I can find anything.
  5. I know all this, remember I do this for a living too.

    I only mentioned it as I have never had a problems with this server or the old slower server we used to run on and the issue has only started for me in the last few days.
  6. Yeah interesting I am the opposite haha. I am not saying is not possible that their is server caused lag, I am just saying that none of the metrics point to that :)
  7. auto lag on the server side could be caused by the recent influx of people, I'm on a lot and I see people joining for the first time left and right and when it hits periods of strong lag there are usually 40-50 people on. Even in a really good mine craft server that many people running stuff like red stone, map exploration and various other things is enough to cause moments of intense lag not to mention all the memory management and the plugins.
  8. Just to add my own observations, which I may have mentioned before, I've noticed a considerable lag increase in the past week or two myself and I experienced almost no lag at all before that.

    That is around when the server started becoming super popular, isn't it? ...about two weeks or so ago?
  9. It is possible that this lag is caused by a flaw in the client trying to keep track of so many events. Although we all love MC the truth is that the engine is not near what it should be. For example, a constant stream of EVERY players movements and information is sent to every connected user (even if they are 500000000 blocks away. Another example is that it constantly reloads stuff it doesn't need.

    I will try to put together some tests to check the theory. Again I am not saying it is not the server, just trying to find ideas that fit into the server metrics not even blinking. I will continue to investigate :)

    Also, I believe the constant stream of new users will sharply decline with the new user tutorial we are launching late tonight / tomorrow morning.
  10. Has it been running better for you autonamus after the restart?
  11. Haha I look forward to seeing it : )
  12. It isn't as bad but it is still noticeable