Setting up home in the Wastelands

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  1. I normally prefer to putter off into the Wastelands to set up home as it means I'm at the heart of the resource field instead of having to commute from Town.

    On these servers, with the lack of protections for Wasteland (No LWC etc), what rules are there to support a player that wants to build out there?
    Apart from the obvious griefing, what are we looking at?

    Can someone for example, wander along and simply claim the building as their own? Can they ransack my chests or should I attempt to hide them, etcetc?

    I'v found a lovely spot and quite keen to start building so this would all be good info to know.

    Also, with portals allowed in Town, is it possible to build a portal in the Wastelands back to the Spawn area?

    Many thanks!

    P.S - Loving the server, very well thought out and the best introduction to a server I've ever come across with the questions.
  2. Sorry at this time we don't really have much protection in the Wilderness. Town is where almost everyone builds. The reason we have not done something like LWC is that we have so many players (thousands) you end up with a sea of protected chests. However I am working on a way to do this and avoid the problem, so look forward to a future update about locking things.

    So as of now it is not recommended to build in the Wilderness. It is against the rules to grief but we don't catch everyone every time so it is best if you build in Town. Also you can't build portals to Town in the wild, you can build portals to the nether where it is faster to travel :)
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  3. Many thanks! I'm just going to settle for an Outpost so I can work away and have somewhere safe to retire to when night comes.
  4. I dont think its against the rules to grief(such as raid and take down your house) in wasteland(Justin correct me if I'm wrong) but I'd go for it if I were you, just do it FAR away from spawn in wild and dont put tomuch work into it, also hide your chest's :D

    (Edit: apperently it is against the rules to grief even in wasteland :p)
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  6. I guess because there's no PvP then that means that any attempt to modify or disrupt a players build counts as grief. On PvP servers there are lots of middle ground or grey area rules, hence why I wasn't sure how 'protected' my build would be!

    Thanks again. :)
  7. Kilmannan, you can try building a covert portal in the nether, thus spawing in a spot in the wilds most likely to be untouched and 'clean'.
  8. One large tip I can if you see a rule breaker, such as someone flying, someone trying to pour lava on you or set you on fire, etc. Snap screenshots of it rather than try and retaliate, either physically or vocally. Our staff is very active, and proof of things being done will do us much more to take care of the bad guy, than taking care of them yourself which might put you in the line of breaking rules yourself. :)
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  9. I would also like to point out, while i can understand being upset. Yelling (all caps) in chat and making a scene will almost always end up with you getting kick or a tamp ban. It is always best to handle it calmly and take your time exlpaining what happened.
  10. To add to your statement, the victim (after taking the incriminating screen shot) should send the screen cap (using an image hosting site, like to an active *moderator who will then take the appropriate actions to end the rulebreaker's ability to break rules: by banning, temporary or permanent, whichever is called for.

    *I say moderators because it's better to bother us than the admins, whom are usually far more busy with more important affairs within the Empire. :)

    EDIT: Should we, or do we have a thread that explains this to members yet? Because something like this should be known by everyone so nobody is out of the loop on how to handle griefers and modders when the mods aren't on :)
  11. Many thanks for all the sound advice and tips. No need to worry about retaliation or escalation, I'm well versed in dealing with muppets out to ruin peoples fun!

    I look forward to being a regular member of this community!

    On a completely random side-note, is it possible to have the ten day login requirement suspended permanently on an account? My occupation sees me travelling or spending long periods (Weeks or months) away from internet access, and if a permanent option is available as oppossed to repeatedly contacting a Mod to notify of absence would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Supporters never get reset :) but yeah if you don't plan on supporting then I can add you to the list.
  13. That'd be great, I appreciate that, and as for supporting, never say never! :D
  14. From my studies on building in the wasteland, this is what you want to do:

    1. Avoid Nether Portals - That would be to avoid random portals you come across, and also avoid making a portal yourself. Nether portals are very easy to spot in contrast with netherrack, and will almost definitely lead any potential griefer to your settlement. It is tragic, I know, but griefers are sad and lazy people. They travel through the nether because it is faster. Because they are lazy.

    2. Avoid Snow Biomes - The stark contrast of Cobblestone / Wood when compared to snow is a dead giveaway to a settlement in said location. Desert Biomes seem to work very well, though they still suffer problems when irrigating crops, as water is very blue and sand is not. Plus, any torches you place will melt the snow in a rather curious pattern, which will almost definitely give out your position.

    3. Avoid large groups - This is pretty self explanatory. Griefers don't like to do work, and if they're in your group you are basically handing them your items. Which is a bad idea. Which is why you avoid large groups.. The best idea is to bring one friend, somebody you trust completely. Gold and Diamond supporters work well as they are devoted enough to the server that they would likely not risk getting permanently removed from their beloved Empire.

    4. Don't make your path obvious - If you're going somewhere unexplored, walking in one direction will give those sad griefers a pretty good idea of where your destination is. If you are travelling in a group, assuming they know the destination, have each member take a different route. This will not only fill in the livemap to the extent of making it difficult to track, but it may lead to the discovery of something interesting. You never know. It is also a generally good idea to create a map at your destination, then fill the entire map in. This will create a large mass of explored terrain that would be rather difficult to comb for a settlement.

    5. Hide your valuables - It's pretty obvious. A lot of the griefers of the Empire only want your stuff, because they are too sad and lazy to collect items themselves. While pistons are great for making secret things, obvious locations for doors will just get mined out. And with pistons, doors are always obvious. What I've found to work well is to replace some of the floor of your mine with inconspicuous gravel, as everyone hates gravel and will never mine it in the first place. Under said gravel you could place a chest. Another good idea is to have a decoy chest which is encased in obsidian, containing only one stick. It is funny, it really is.

    6. Live with Nature - Nature is very good at blending in with itself. If you build a beautiful city, everyone will notice that it is not nature and they will grief it. It is as simple as putting a two-layer cover of dirt over the location, and molding it to look more like a hill or such. Though living underground is a bit easier than that, why not overkill?

    7. Avoid making or building near superobvious structures - That would be things like:
    Farms, Quarries, Pyramids, Lava Lakes, Square buildings, Diamond block towers, Nether Portals, Glowstone Structures of any sort, NPC villages, Ravines, Smurf Villages. It is also useful to make your mines inside caves and to leave the entrance to said caves dark. Light + Cave = Explored. Most of the time. You may benefit from lighting your cave with lava, though this may be dangerous, it is inconspicuous. Which is good.

    --To be revised.

  15. Very nice Crazy, I can add that if you are a supporter, hide from the live map /map hide will help :) :)
  16. Which is true, though I was directing that post towards the OP which is not a supporter.

    Hiding your name makes you inconspicuous as well, as people do not suspect somebody is in a certain location if they are not in that location.