Setting up a wild colony, part of Tree Grove!

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  1. Hello their! Me and Foohundred have decided to add on a colony to our town of Tree grove. The colony will be set in a desert biome not that far from the main base. We are looking for THREE people to start it. We need

    One mayor: Pick by us. Please say that you would to become the mayor and we will decided if you should. Runs the colony but does not have total control over everything, main town has control over certain stuff Helps gather stuff.

    Two works: Just say if you would like to become a worker. You will collect resources for the colony.

    Every 30 days, the mayor will have to pay me and Foodhundred a stack of the resource that you focus on. This is payment for support and griefer recovery from the main camp. If not payed once, you will simply just receive less support. If you miss two, you will receive no support until paid. If three payments are missed, the mayor is removed and I or Foohundred step in until in a new mayor is picked.

    The main focus of the colony will be decided by the colonists. It can NOT be dirt or any other useless item. If it has a use, it can be used to pay us. We have no name for it yet but will decided on it with the colonists.

    Please let me know if you would like to join!
  2. First worker to join will get their house built for them.
  3. What do I do in this colony? And I might volunteer...
  4. that doesnt sound like a good thing :p the point of mc is to build things!
  5. And minecraft is about building and surviving (kind of surviving).
  6. You would collect stuff to help build and run the colony with. You can also sell you stuff you find.

    If it gets it started, thats all I need.
  7. What is a colony again? Like an ant colony?
  8. Its a separated part of a country but since EMC doesn't have country's, its a separated part of the town.
  9. So... like part of EMC?
  10. Lets just say its a new town but its in my towns county.
  11. Where is the town's country? On your residence?
  12. Its in the wild and I mean the area around my town...
  13. It seems like there are a lot of wild colonies these days.
  14. I know. Its manly because lots of people want to try a risk.
  15. I guess it gets kinda boring in town after you've used up all your space and have earnt a lot of money, i'm now focusing on building in the wild and inventing new ways to keep griefers at bay. Anyone that decides to join will be taking risks but will have my full support. And with the hardcore server on the way, building in the wild with us will be perfect training for interested players.