Setting a spawn as a non-supporter

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by lamjulo, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Is it even possible to do so? I'm just curious.
  2. Sleep in a bed.
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  3. In town, your home is set as your residence. In the wild, sleep in a bed. In the nether, If you try to sleep in a bed.. well, you can try it yourself! :D
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  4. For everybody- you set your spawn location by sleeping in a bed. The difference is: Supporters can "sleep" in any bed at any time, and will stay the location even if the bed is destroyed. Non-Supporters must physically sleep in a bed (at night) and will stop working if the bed is destroyed
  5. Does sleeping mean just lay down, or literally sleep? Cause that would require everyone in the server to lay down. I know how it works, I just don't know if it was possible for a non-supporter since it's nearly impossible to "sleep."
  6. Just to lay down
  7. Thanks. I wasn't too sure. Kevdudeman told me it wasn't possible to set a spawn if you weren't a supporter. That's why I came here.