Setting a home in the wilderness

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  1. I was just wondering, is there any way to set a home in the wilderness, or will i have to don my walking boots every time I travel there?

    Many thanks

  2. There is no way, yet.
  3. Keyword... yet. There is a lot of the works...
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  4. No, and I hope there will never be. The /sethome plugin ruins the game, in my opinion.
  5. Well the bed works, you can die and return, isn't only supporters though?
  6. It's been almost a year since I became a supporter. Beds should work for everyone.... the perk for supporters is that the spawn can be set at any time, not just at night.
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  7. Max said that mods had the same perks as diamond supporters... Right?
  8. Nope, Aikar is developing something like a sethome command, but I believe it will cost a dragon egg. He hasn't said much on wilderness stuff yet.
  9. Yes they do, and I think they have the ability to have 1 res on each EMC server?

    Correct me if i'm wrong, Bonz :p
  10. Oh, good. I just hope you can't tp away from monsters.
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  11. I think they only have 4 res's...
  12. Oh, no! I double posted! I'm gonna die!
  13. I did too.
  14. Exactly the same perks as a Diamond Supporter, +1 extra res.

    I can assure everyone that anything released will not interfere with the survival aspect of the game. :D
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