1. Hello Again Im here with a Service for thoes of you who need cretian materials (undeground) i notice alot of shops are running out of supplies and the owners just dont refill them. Plus i enjoy being underground with the stone you never know what that next stone is going to uncover so i decided to start a mining service any one intrested prices depend on market value of what your looking for and i only work in single chest or double chest quantities Will locate more than a double chest if needed )
    200 r an hour of mining plus the value of the item you want
    Example say you want a double chest of iron and it takes me 12 hours of mining and smelting to find it
    value of iron = 6912r / dc +12 hrs of mining at 200 r an hour (2400) total cost would be 9312 for the job actual results and cost may vary the mining hourly fees are to cover the cost of picks and enchantments
    market values of items i will locate PRICES ARE IN SINGLE CHEST TOTAL COST
    iron = 3456R
    gold = 6912R
    coal = 5184
    coal blocks (compressed coal into block form for transport or however you wish to use it) =46656R
    lapis = 1728R Blocks =15552R
    diamond =172800R (this is the only thing i will locate in smaller quantities up to the nearest full stack)
    diamond block (hope your rich 1555200R)
    redstone (this requires double chest because im always underground with fortune 3 or better 10368R
    ^^^^^^ BLocks again double chest (93312R)
    cobble (double chest (1728R (plus a 200R first hour fee this is the easiest thing to obtain underground)
    andesite (single chest (7000R)) double chest 14000R)IF YOU WISH THIS POLISHED PLEASE ADD 500 R
    Dorite (single chest (7000R)) double chest 14000R)IF YOU WISH THIS POLISHED PLEASE ADD 500 R
    granite (single chest (7000R)) double chest 14000R)IF YOU WISH THIS POLISHED PLEASE ADD 500 R
    no clue why youd want this but if you do gravel (10k flat rate for a dc for making me dig something i hate)
    Now you Know what all i will dig up now for the regulations
    If you Place an order u will recieve a book and quill in the mail system with an order number i will pm you when your order is up please return the book and quill as it will contain the info of what you requested (please dont edit it or sign it as i will be using that same book and quill as your reciept)
    then the items you ordered are ready i will pm you on the forums i am on the game 99 % of the day if /p (yoru name ) says your online i will pm you in game at this point that contact is made please visit /smp3 /v 7932 to confirm your order (via preview chest) i will then hand you your reciept with total time spent and value of items calculated (it will look like a real life invoice) please at that point pay for your items and i will place an access sign on the chest containing your items from that please take your items home within 72 hours

    If everything above is agreeable please contact me any time to place an order my pickaxes are starting to cool down and need something to mine

    P.S orders over 10k get 32 FREE Emeralds (this includes the time spent )
  2. how much hours would a dc of gold take
  3. how much would a dc of diamonds cost
  4. so a dc of gold would be around 14k
    if it takes you less then 6k to get it
    then this is an order ;)
    or even 2 dc's if possible
  5. depends on how often i find it probably 8-12 hours depending on vein frequency
  6. 3110400R
  7. ... please clarify if it takes me less than 30 hours to find you a dc of gold?
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  8. yes
    your prices state that a dc of gold is 14k + 200r/hour
    so how many hours would it take you?
  9. depending on vein rarity probably 10-13 hours because i have fortune 3 and i have to smelt it all as well how many dcs would you like please send a book and quill with your name on it in the ingame mail (unsigned
  10. Can I have a SC of Gold and a SC of Coal Please?
  11. I'll take a DC of diamonds
  12. 1. fortune doesn't work on gold
    2. this service is easy to cheat on
    ex. i can mine hours at level 30-40 without finding diamonds and still adding it to the price (200r/hour)
    3. it's not clear how to order
    i order but all of the sudden apparently i have to send you a book?
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  13. i don't know how you got that price
    you state that its 172800r for a single chest
    that would be 345600r
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  14. yea calculation error you are correct sorry i need a book for reciepts
  15. im going to do froggys order first then chewsy then dragonhawk
  16. so we need to send a book with what written in it?
    and you are saying a dc will take around 13 hours to get
    just to say
    I'm cannot take over 30 hours or i won't pay (and you keep the dc of course)
  17. Can I have a stack of gold ingots, iron ingots, and diamonds. All a stack
  18. How much for a DC of gold ingots?
  19. Just a suggestion, instead of charging per hour just figure out the average amount of time it would take and then include that amount into your price or just don't charge extra for the time it takes to mine...

    I would be interested in buying a dc of coal but I am a bit confused on your price could you clarify how much a dc of coal would cost me?
  20. How much for lapis per block. Per stack and per 9 stacks and SC?