[SERVICE] xXvexenXx's Emerald, Iron, Cane & Paper Service

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  1. Note -

    I am currently not offering my Emerald service due to hearing that players are buying cheap from me and selling to existing shops for profit. Emeralds will be offered once again once shop owners balance out their shops.

    Greetings All...

    While my shop on SMP5 is under renovation and to fulfill the requests of my customers, I have decided to sell my bulk items on the forums.

    I will be selling only the highest demand items. If you want me to add items to the list, start a conversation with me: http://pm.emc.gs/xXvexenXx

    I will be taking orders for these items, via private conversation on these forums or if you can catch me in-game on SMP5. All sales are on a first come (first paid), first served basis.

    Purchasing Guidelines:

    All orders must be by the stack (64 in a stack of course).
    No additional discounts given besides the ones mentioned in this post.
    Payment happens first, delivery happens after.
    All transactions will be recorded in private conversation on forums for tracking and dispute avoidance.

    Items Currently for Sale in Bulk:
    • Emeralds
    • Iron Ingots
    • Sugar Cane (includes Paper and Sugar)

    1 to 3 stacks - 1,600r per stack (25r per emerald)
    4 to 9 stacks - 1,440 per stack (22.5r per emerald)
    10 to 53 stacks - 1,360 per stack (21.25r per emerald)
    54 stacks (aka a DC full) - Flat rate of 72,500r (approximately 21r per emerald)

    Iron Ingots:
    1 to 27 stacks - 320r per stack (5r per ingot)
    28 to 53 stacks - 256r per stack (4r per ingot)
    54 stacks (aka a DC full) - Flat rate of 10,000r (2.89r per ingot)

    Sugar Cane (Cane, Paper or Sugar):
    54 stacks (aka a DC full) - Flat rate of 1,000r
    There is no additional charge to convert the cane to sugar or paper. Just let me know when placing order.

    All discounts apply to a single order only.

    Ordering Process:
    • Start a conversation: http://pm.emc.gs/xXvexenXx
    • State what item(s) you want and how many stacks you want to order
    • I will reply with the price
    • You will reply agreeing to price
    • I will reply when order is ready (usually instantly)
    • Your will pay: /r pay xXvexenXx [amount]
    • I will set up chest on SMP5 at res # 11036
    • I will confirm all is completed in conversation

    I will deliver as needed. Pricing and details should be negotiated prior to payment.

    Thank you.

    Be sure to understand the Rules and Guidelines stated below prior to responding to this thread.

    Stats - 216 stacks of Emeralds, 81 stack of Cane sold (updated 10/17/13)
    Update - Lowered price of Iron to better match lower priced shops/malls (10-10-13)
  2. Im guessing that's suppose to be a 1k? If not sorry :p
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  3. Hehhehe Yes, that is not gold plated sugar cane. :) It should be 1k. Thanks for pointing it out. It has been corrected.
  4. Even Gold Plated SUGAR CANE isnt worth THAT much xD
  5. Lowered price of Iron Ingots. Intent was to be about 10k per DC which is what I get on auction. :) TY Xharo'der for pointing out the discrepancy. :)
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