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  1. I wanted to post a quick message about all of the head requests that I've been getting since becoming a Mod two days ago and to thank everyone for the wanting of my beautiful head!

    I am currently not wanting to decapitate myself so I can be displayed on a pillar. :) Heads will be available in the near future, 1 per server and given to the owners of those museums. More details to follow but if you have a museum built, post your res # here.

    However, I am offering signed books, all include a personalized story, 1 per player for any player that wants one for FREE. Just /mail me a Book and Quill and I will mail it back to you once completed and in the order it was received.

    Thank you!

  2. SMP7 14003. Head Museum in progress. 635 heads as of now :)
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  3. 14006, smp7
  4. La Grande Exposaria - /v 1011 @ SMP1
  5. Mayan Temple Thing - /v 16011 @ SMP8
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  6. Head Museum SMP3, Res 7139, would like xXvixenXx head please
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  7. Hey vex if I have alien mail you a book for me could you sign it and send it back? :) I'm currently not going in game for a bit so I can't mail my own :p
  8. Of course. :)