[SERVICE] Wooden Cobble Supply Co.

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  1. Welcome To the Wooden Cobble Supply Co.! we are currently ran by _RedSpectre_,envoydragon,and i we have these item in stock We will have a lot more as we progress and get to be a older company


    sugarcane DC: 1750r SC:825r

    cobble stone DC:1400r SC:700r

    oak planks DC:1200r SC:600r





    please make order in this tread and more items to come :):) :)
  2. ummm i wish you would have asked before saying that i was running this...i have been running my own company for quite a while sorry
  3. psych! :p
  4. Ok sorry i can remove your name
  5. Done
  6. Also i didn't commit to this i was throwing ideas out simply please remove my name as well
  7. Alright i finally found some people so I'll make this a bump
  8. I see you started your own ;) By the way I suggest taking ender pearls off there, there are literally like 50 DCs in the utopian end that say (Free for the taking).
  9. if you can do planks, why not do logs?
  10. Planks for 6k a DC bothers me xD Logs are like 5k a DC so planks should be like 1.2k a DC :p
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  11. Have to have 4times the planks we have now :p
  12. Why doesn't anyone want anything?!?! BUMP get stuff now!!
  13. I want 30 dc of cobble but I won't pay 2k a dc
  14. Can you do 1.4k?
  15. Deal just it'll take a time but we'll give you a DC a time
  16. Bump we need more orders than 1 come on let's get 2 more orders in!!
  17. Sugar cane is free :p
  18. Nate, I feel like you piled this together 20 minutes after I said I wasn't hiring an employee for my service ;). If you want more people to order you should have a really big selection like mine and lower your ender pearl DC price to 41r or get rid of it completely and like halve your sugarcane costs. But most importantly a bigger selection. Oh BTW people don't like to read this color of text.
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