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  1. Hello Empire! Today I'm offering a quick, cheap, and effective service to help all the people out there who don't want to kill their own withers or just don't have the gear to do it. You can now hire me to kill them... guaranteed!
    How it works
    - Pay me 500r per wither and mail me the wither skulls. I will mail you the Nether Star back.
    - As simple as it may seem, you also need to contact me. The best way is by pressing the "message me" button in my signature. However, catching me in-game also works.
    - If you don't message me I will not kill your wither, and there is a chance I'll overlook the mail entirely.

    Price & Max Order
    - The price per Wither is 500 rupees.
    - The maximum order size is 64 Withers. You can order again after I finish your order.

    - You'll never have to worry about me losing your Wither again! If I fail your order, I will supply you with a nether star/beacon for no additional charge!

    - All withers will attempt to be killed within a day, however, it may be more depending on how much time I have.
    - Your order will not take more than a week.

    - Once I have accepted the order and you have paid and mailed me your skulls there are no refunds or cancellations.

    In Progress

    fishmeal - 36 withers
    samsimx - 39 withers
    XDiamondxDiggerX - 5 withers
    Andrewmoose - 2 withers
    Mirr0rr - 19 withers
    fishmeal - 11 withers
    cadgamer101 - 1 wither
    fishmeal - 1 wither
    eviltoade - 11 withers
    fishmeal - 14 withers
    LadBlo - 10 withers
    huckleberry24 - 1 wither - to be mailed

    If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback be sure to message me or post here.

    Owner of Wither Killers Inc.
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  2. He killed mine really quickly ... Highly recommended :) !! I will be pming u again when i get more heads ...
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  3. That was a major typo, fixing now. Thanks for pointing that out.
  4. Looks like a great business, getting my wither skulls now :D
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  5. I might order a few.
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  6. Bump! Order statuses being updated now.
  7. There are currently no orders. Send me a few Wither Heads now and I can probably kill them before the end of the night!

    We've now fought and killed 64 withers and maintain a 100% success rate!
  8. I really wish I had the skulls and rupees to do this D: but this looks really cool
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  9. Name suggestion: Withlers ;)

    May use this service soon... really need some nether stars xD
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  10. Can I mail you some more today? Just like 5-10 nether stars worth i think. Or stacks, if that's ok too :D
    Name suggestions (I have a limited imagination, and I don't think you can take wither related words out of your name):

    Wither Witherers
    De-Withering, Inc.
    Skulls into Stars
    Star of the Nether Co.
    Beacon Builders

    My apologies, but all clever pun names I thought of were very non-descriptive of what you actually do :p
    How many of you are there?
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  11. Wither Down, Star Yours INC.

    W.D.S.Y. Inc.
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  12. De-Withering, Inc. gave me the idea of DeWithers, Inc. sounds pretty cool and rolls of the tongue nicely xD
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  13. You don't get to win if you only change 3 letters :p It works though.
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  14. Just mail me what you want killed.
  15. Good Buisness Name: Witha Slayaz :)
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  16. Ok, I really hate to say this, because I want to keep PenguinDJ and his service all to myself, but:
    This is awesome. He guarantees the number of nether stars, and charges little enough to leave plenty of room for profit selling a beacon!
    Not only that, but even my larger orders showed up within 24 hours. I'm sure he has some awesome wither-disabling machine, but until I have one too, I will always use [INSERT SERVICE NAME HERE].
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  17. If you consider a cave and a Strenght II potion to be awesome, then yeah. :)


    Introducing Discounts!
    - Order 10 withers and get one free! Orders currently in progress will get this discount (samsimx and fishmeal).
    - If it takes me over 3 days to complete your order you will receive a 15% discount.

    I've still killed 100% of withers - there have been no dead penguins. The number is actually getting pretty close to 100, I'll have to check the numbers.

    I've updated the order list, and current orders should be done by tonight.
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  18. Willers Inc (Wither+killers)
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  19. Ik a name : Wither Wackers ; The Wither Death ; The Nether Stars
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