[SERVICE] Wilderness and Nether Protection

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  1. Hello My name is Vortex_4D and i offer protection services to miners and explorers who are going adventuring and need help with mobs. I have Armor and weapons to provide protection for both enviroments.

    If interested contact me :D.
    My home is on SMP 7 at 14131
  2. Any references of who you've worked for? (Trustability, etc...?)
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  3. I'm intrested, but I need some more info.
    Prices? Limits or Restrictions?
    More detail on what you would actually do?
    If you give answers I like i might consider you :D
  4. So, you're a mercenary?
    Sounds useful!
  5. Sure I'd hire you if you can prove yourself trustable :p and reliable :p Since it gets pretty lonely and I can double my carrying capacity.