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  1. This is a service from the combined efforts of Nccoryg and Erektus.

    What is this service?
    This service provides a package of items to further new member's progress on the server, as well as a small guide with helpful links and guides. This service was founded to help out new members and keep those who may not be fully interested coming back.

    How do I claim my package?
    Reply below or message Erektus/Nccoryg requesting one, once we are in contact your package will be mail to you as well as another message containing the guide and other things.

    What do I get?
    The package contains the following items:

    -16 Diamonds
    -2,000 Rupees
    -64 Oak Logs
    -Diamond Tool Set
    -Nccoryg's New Player Guide

    How do I know if I am eligible?
    If you have joined the server within the past month, you can claim this package!

    If you know someone who can claim this package, send the link to this thread to them in-game! Referrers earn 1,000 rupees per referral, just let them know to mention your name when claiming their package.
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  2. I've been here for like 27 days, does that count?
  3. I've been here for over 17 months, am I still eligible to claim one? :p

    I mean... 17 divided by 17 is one, so... Ya'know...
  4. If been a member since August 11 can I get one?
  5. Packages will be sent later today.
  6. can i get mine?
  7. Could I get one?
  8. This is a great idea. If you need donations, I'd be happy to donate.
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  9. What a great idea. I support you 100%, and will refer new players.
  10. Will send packages in a bit.

    If you want to donate anything mail/pay it to Erektus. :)

    Thank you.
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  11. I have been here since around Thanksgiving can I get one too?
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  12. Nope, only for new members.
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  13. Oh I thought that guy that was here on August 11 meant he joined in 2014 then I remembered it is August. LOL
  14. Also Zikko has been here for 2 or 3 months now.
  15. Hows 187 Days? xD
  16. And How do u get those cool signs Like WELCOME TO THE EMPIRE
  17. Erektus makes them.
  18. Lucky You ;o
    Tell him he should make a thread making them and each one he gets money
  19. Can I get one?