(Service) Vulcan Supply Compnay

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  1. Catalog:
    Cobblestone-Stack: 25R SC: 640R DC: 1,200R max 3 DC
    Stone/Stone Brick-Stack: 40R SC: 1,000R DC: 1,900R max 1 DC
    Sand-Stack: 30R SC: 750R DC: 1,400R max 1 DC
    Sandstone (Any)-Stack: 50R SC: 1,350R DC: 2,600R max 1 DC
    Logs (Any)-Stack: 100R SC: 2,700R DC: 5,000R max 1 DC
    Glass-Stack: 60R SC: 1,500R DC: 2,900R max 1 DC
    Sugarcane/Paper-Stack: 14R SC: 350R DC: 680R max 5 DC
    Netherrack-Stack: 16R SC: 400R DC: 775R max 1 DC
    Nether Brick-Stack: 100R SC: 2,500R DC: 4,800R max 1 DC
    Hardened Clay- Stack: 170R SC: 4,500R DC: 9,000R max 1 DC
    Emeralds- Stack: 1,400R Max 9 Stacks
    Bottles o' Enchanting- Not Selling yet Max 3 Stacks

    Pick Up is at 9347 on smp4
    1. Over Abundance Disclaimer
    • If we get filled up with many orders of one thing then you will see a line through the item in the catalog, this means that we are not taking orders for that item at the moment
    Hiring Status: Looking for 2 employees, pm ice_Lightning99 AND Xothis_dwarf if interested
  2. Order List
    Tedrocker - 10 stacks of obsidian- Finished-picked up
    BlackKnight1021- 10 stacks of obsidian-Finished-not picked up
    BloodRa1n- 4 DCs of cobble- in progress-not picked up
    mathew12hydro- DC of sand- in progress-not picked up
    mathew12hydro- 1 DC of glass-not started-not picked up
    FlamingPotato42- 1 DC of oak logs-not started- not picked up
    Importerer- 5 DCs of paper- started -not picked up
    SuperValJunior- 5 DCs of paper-not started-not picked up
    Scottjw44- 1 DC of oak logs- not started- not picked up
    BlackKnight1021- 1 DC of stone bricks- not started - not picked up
  3. Jobs
    we are looking for a few people to just generally help with orders :)
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  5. Sorry about not picking it up or paying yet, my wifi completely crashed, and it took all week to get it working again. I'll get on and pickup/pay now.

    P.S. Where is the pickup?
  6. Hi, your order is at 9347
    Thank You :)
  7. I have ordered, but I probably won't be able to pick it up for about a week.
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