(Service) Vulcan Enchantment Co.

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    Greetings Might players of EMC. have you ever wanted your own custom enchanted armor and it was to much of a hassle to get? Well if you answered yes you are in the right spot. the purpose of this service is to provide you, the player, with a way to get the armor you want for a fair price. This will not be anything like a service where you pay "x" amount to get a certain level put on your item, You will choose what enchantments you want for a Fair price.

    Please Fill Out the Follow Order Form:
    ( If You Supply The Books You will only have to pay for the # Of levels needed- which will be 10r per level)
  2. This is cool, might try it out someday myself! +rep
  3. 100r per level is 3k for level 30 and 3.9k for level 39.. Which last I checked a level 39 only costs like 500r.
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  4. changed it... i hit 1 too many zeros... oops
  5. I tried to put a order in but it wouldn't let me. Said you were doing price changes?