[Service] Villager Trading Emerald Seller - 18001 Community Center

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  1. I am doing a Public Service Again and that is make 18001 your Villager Trading From Emerald to 18001.

    You trade wheat or Paper for emeralds and go to 18001 and sell them to me for rupess.

    Easy Job
    Easy Rupess
    Good Prices

    Emptied only if nessesary

    That is pretty Much it for that.

    SMP= SMP9
    Residence= 18001

    20r to 35r Enjoy!
  2. PS Enjoy it while it last
  3. 20r to 35r for the emerald?Ok,as long as you empty them more.
  4. Welp, there goes the value of emeralds
  5. Glad I've already sold all mine then.