[Service] Villager enchanting

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  1. I have taken quite a bit of time on SMP6 to make a villager village. I also have hand selected villagers, especially ones that enchant stuff. There are quite a few enchantments that you can get, but mostly the silk touch enchantment for only 4 emeralds plus the pickaxe you wish to enchant. (sadly it has to be a diamond pickxe)

    There are also other cool enchantments you can get from them such as:
    1. Unbreaking 2 Efficency 2 Fortune 1 (Diamond pickaxe, 4 emeralds)
    2. Fire aspect (Diamond sword, 3 emeralds)
    3. Efficency 3 Unbreaking 3 (Diamond axe, 4 emeralds)

    I know I don't have the best enchantments but you don't need to get a whole load of xp and also you know what you are getting unlike the enchanting table.

    I am on smp6 just type /v way2smrt to get to my res and take the tp pad that says Villager Village