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  1. Introducing Joshmcf's new Video Introduction Service! I am able to create high quality, HD, intros with programs such as Adobe After Effects and Photoshop! I have experience doing these, as I have done them for many different players!

    How It Works:
    If you would like your own introduction, fill out the forum below after reviewing the several options. If it is a custom intro, I will review it, and make sure it is possible with the programs that I have access to and I will get back to you soon.

    Forum for Custom:
    Description of Intro:
    Duration of Intro:
    Music of Choice:
    Render Quality: (720 or 1080p)

    Prices will be determined by me, and will follow these guidlines.
    Easy ~ 1,000r
    Medium ~ 2,500r
    Complex ~ 5,000r

    Previous Work:
  2. ~Reserved Post~
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  3. ~Reserved Post~
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  4. Description of Intro: Blue/Greenish Background, not too plain, and as the intro starts, potatoes fall from the sky, somewhat say three seconds in, the potatoes stop falling. When all the potatoes stop, one or two more fall, and then a giant word starts appearing
    and then the intro fades out. :3
    Duration of Intro: 10, maybe 15 seconds or more if needed.
    Music of Choice: For the potatoes falling, use this sound.
    Render Quality: (720 or 1080p) 720
    Clear enough? xD

    EDIT: Btw, any prices? :p
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  5. Got it, and this is relatively easy, so the price will be 1,000r. I am making it now :)
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  6. Free! Haha i wish
  7. Description of Intro: A white horse galloping across the screen on gravel with a red, white, and green mane. The horse rears up and the words


    In the same order with same colors on top of each other. Make it a cool text.
    Then a 1 sec black screen.
    Duration of Intro: The horse will gallop for 4 seconds. As the horse rears up the text will show and that would take 3 seconds. Then one sec black screen. 8 seconds.
    Render Quality: (720 or 1080p) 1080p please!
  8. I hope this service will be around at least another 3-6 months....because i will have a huge production for you to do. Looking at about 60-120second video, 2 reses combined, prob 10k-20k worth of work....maybe more. Will keep you in mind in the upcoming months ;)

    PS love the stone effect on Eclipse's video
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