[Service] Ultimate lifetime Villager trading

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  1. Hey guys I bring you, villager trading, business style. Here at 5318 on utopia you get access to 48 different villagers that get traded if they're out of stock on the item. So the items are traded constantly. If you want a lifetime membership (I will grant you villager access,) it costs 1k. Tell me if this is a good idea and if you want a membership message me on this forum or in a conversation. Here are the steps once you get to my res:
    1. Go to teleport
    2. Read rules
    3. Start trading left and right! 2013-04-30_19.06.16.png
    The signs above the villagers state what they trade
    I hope you guys like it:D i want lots of people to buy a membership:)
  2. bump? i really want someone to experience it:D is the price too high?
  3. Price is way to high.
  4. also i will probably add signs under the villagers to tell you what number it is
  5. thanks for the feedback:D I changed the price to 2k
  6. will someone please tell me what im doing wrong, no one will post:(
  7. i think 2k is still high. Honstly I'd rather use my own
  8. If it was 1k then I would consider using it.....
  9. maybe 700r
  10. Yeah ill make it 1k I hope this triggers some people:D
  11. The problem is - there are free villager trading centres on other Residences and other servers which don't charge anything for it.

    It's also relying on you keeping the Villagers fresh - no mean feat when they can run out of whatever they're selling in a few seconds.
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  12. god im hopeless ill just keep all the villagers