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  1. Hello EMC! I am, after thinking about it for approximately seven eons, announcing a graphic design business.

    I can make basically any static image you can think of, for example:
    • Signatures, cut to be multi-linkable if desired.
    • Profile Pics
    • Headers
    • Images with Transparency
    • Logos
    • Extremely hi-res images
    ... And anything else you want. See my portfolio to get an idea of the kind of work I can do.
    Currently I cannot do 3D player models, animations / YouTube intros, etc. Expect this list to get shorter.
    You saw the well-disguised text. Congratulations. This is just to fill space.
    ...And there's more of it, too! Exciting, right?
    I strive for excellence in all of my work, and take every request seriously. If you want to request a project, post below. You can also PM me if you want your idea to stay secret.


    Full Portfolio

    Annotated Portfolio:

    Payment Info:

    10k per Hour. Minimum cost of 2k. Nonprofits get 20% off. Payment do after the final version of your project is turned in within 48 hours. By final version, I mean after all revisions you want are made and you are satisfied with the design.

    I assume the right to use work done for you in my portfolio.

    This sounds like a lot of money, and one thing that I want to make clear is that I'm going to be pretty liberal about not billing time. If I forget to include something in the design you told me you wanted, adding that something in after the fact won't be billed; if I make some silly mistake that lengthens the process, that time doesn't get billed; if I need to take some time to learn a new skill, that time doesn't get billed.

    (These were mostly for myself or free, this is what I would've charged).

    Took 18 Minutes. Total Cost: 3k.

    Took 48 Minutes. Total Cost: 8k.

    Took 42 Minutes, but 18 of those were me being stupid/learning a new skillset. Total Cost: 4k.

    Took 2hrs 18 Minutes. Total Cost: 23k.

    Took 6 minutes. Total Cost: 2k, because the floor to the cost is 2k.

    Took 2hrs, 12 of those was learning a new skill. Total Cost: 18000 - 20% nonprofit discount =14,400r.

    If you want to request a project, post below or PM me if you so desire.
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  2. --Reserved--
  3. Oh, I forgot to mention — work you buy from me can still be used by me for my portfolio.
  4. Could you make a signature for me, uh... Something to do with harley Quinn and new Zealand :) thanks.. My signature is a bit.. Lonely :p
  5. Give me a few minutes to make the dough for my focaccia and I'll send you a PM.
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  6. Out of the corner of your eye you spot him,
    Shia LaBump.
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  7. Bump! I've got shaders working (although SEUS is still giving me grief grr) so now you can order those, too (say as a background for your signature.
  8. Bump!

    First two customers orders have been filled!
  9. Bump!

    I'm gone from Tuesday to Monday so don't get mad if I don't respond.
  10. Y I No in da portfolio! 'o'
  11. I forgot! I'll add it in when I'm at my regular comp this evening.