[SERVICE] The Empire minecraft Fire brigade!

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  1. Hi guys!

    I thought up a new, (hopefully), and a benefitial idea which should benefit a lot of people owning wilderness bases.

    Have you ever had a fire at your house in the wilderness and never been able to successfully stop it as soon as possible? Well then the EMC fire brigade may be able to help you!

    I propose, a team, *ran by me*, on different servers assist those users that accidentally make a fire or see one approaching, e.g. a lightning strike on a near tree close to the house.
    The teams which are then based on different servers, (have multiple members on each server if others are offline), will then try to help the user as best as possible, the user will either send a PM on the chat to the team member from wild to town using /t <username>, the team member will then find their position on the live map, and then they will both approach the fire quickly, the team member will attempt to douse out the fire as much as possible to reduce more damage.

    The team member, will have a chest full of iron, (minimum) armor or preferably diamond armor, fire protection enchantments on the armor would be useful aswell. This will be used by the team member/s to enter the burning area to reach more hot spots. Another requirement is buckets full of water, about 9 buckets of water should be substantial, and upon arrival the team member should make an unlimited water supply in the ground.
    Fire resistance potions would be very helpful along with the armor.

    If a fire starts at your base, RUN! get atleast 2 minutes away from the area of your base, this will unload the area and will prevent the fire spreading, (until the fire brigade member gets there to stop it), you will then PM the fire brigade team member and they will do whatever they can to help.

    If you like the idea of this and would like to start it up, PM me or reply to this thread!
  2. Bump, suggestions anyone?
  3. Nice, you could always place a water bucket, but nice idea :D
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  4. Hmm, interesting idea, sorry to say this though; people have water buckets and can do this themselves.

    Sorry, but it was a nice thing to have thought of ;)
  5. True, but a lot of people are slow :p :). + they would probably start crying and it would burn out. If they fled the area and called on us, we could get multiple people out there to douse the fire :)
  6. True, True...