[Service] Terraforming Service

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  1. Hello guys. I am starting up my own little terraforming service and maybe later some little builds near the terraformed area.
    Please note I know there are terraforiming services out there, like AlexChance's and I am not trying to copy any service, and by far I am not the best on EMC as well, as there are people who are actually really amazing.

    Just send a Personal Message me saying what you want and I can pop onto to the server and come check it out, what i've got to work with etc.

    I don't really know many prices for it, so I will ask you offer me a price, and I will see if it is way too much money and I will lower it, or if it's too high :).

    Here is one I recently just did (1 hour ago)
    (Not completely finished though :)
  2. I might need this in a bit, so keep this open :D
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  3. Certainly will :D
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  4. If you are still in business, I'd like to have my 2nd res terraformed, so id like to talk to you ASAP about that
  5. Send a PM :) Ali will be on after christmas