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  1. I'll take the following:
    • 5 DCs Regeneration I (2:00)
    • 5 DCs Regeneration II (0:22)
    I believe that's 9,000r? Please confirm and I'll pay ASAP. Thanks! :)
  2. yes sir it is and those will be done tommorrow morning :) (have to make the regen II)
  3. Potions are done there, pick up is on smp1 at 1547 got the the tele pad on the right the flip 180 and your chests are there

    p.s. theres a bonus dc cuz i messed up making them
  4. Thanks a lot! Very fast. :)
  5. Certain Potion pricing coming soon. Prices will be fluxuated on here not in my shop. My shop potions will always stay 10r ea. Conditoions on fluxuation will include Stock, ingridients, ect. Buy now before your favorite potion goes up!
  6. -2DC Strength (8:00)
    -2DC Swiftness (8:00)
    -1DC Instant Health II Splash

    4,700, thanks :)
  7. i have them in stock itll take me 5 min after i log on to set up
  8. Could I take---

    2 DC's of Splash Harming
    2 DC's of Splash Instant Health
    2 DC's of Regeneration
    2 DC's of Strength
    2 DC's of Fire Resistance
    Total is 9800, Thanks! :)
  9. i will have it done either later tonight or Early tommorrow morning
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  10. Your order is ready, Make sure everything is there i was filling a couple dcs of potions while i was doing yours so just make sure :)
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  11. Will pay when I get on. Thanks!
  12. Ill take 2 DC of Night Vision please :)

    Need them as soon as possible.
  13. I will take 1 Dc of invisibility potions and another Dc of night vision non splash for both and I think the equal 1,800