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  1. SuperStoneNeeds

    This is my service for all your stone needs! I am currently looking for an employee to help me with this profitable buisness! Please inbox me if interested!


    Stack: 25 Rupees
    Single Chest: 650 Rupees
    Double Chest: 1,200 rupees
    5 Double Chests: 5,500 Rupees
    10 Double Chests: 10,500 Rupees

    Single Chest: 1,100 Rupees
    Double Chest: 2,100 Rupees
    5 Double Chests: 10,000 Rupees
    10 Double Chests: 20,000 Rupees

    Stone Brick:
    Single Chest: 1,300 Rupees
    Double Chest: 2,300 Rupees
    5 Double Chests: 11,250 Rupees
    10 Double Chests: 21,750 Rupees

    Order Form:
    Pick Up (14104) or transport (Specify server and Res)

    Deadlines set will cost you 500 Rupees extra if completed on time. No deadlines can be set for 1 Double Chest and under, as will be completed quickly.

    5 Double Chest Deadline: Minimum 3 days

    10 Double Chest Deadline: Minimum of 5 Days

    Disclaimer: If items are not picked up within 5 days of completion, without being told you can't pick them up, I will void your order, and re-pay you if you have paid.