[Service] Super-Cheap Quality Smooth Stone Generators

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  1. Hey there!

    I've noticed that there don't seem to be any people with an active thread selling smooth stone generators, so I decided to start one and see if anyone is interested. The generators I will make are fast, efficient, and will never jam. Each generator will take about 10-30 minutes to construct from, depending on the size.

    I can make larger generators on demand, if you require them.

    Please include SMP, Residence and the Generator's full name when ordering.

    Vertical Smooth Stone Generator - 750r - 75 Stone per minute

    Pretty Vertical Smooth Stone Generator - 1100r - 75 Stone per minute
    (Does not include item frames or chests. I will include those for an extra 50r)

    Horizontal Smooth Stone Generator - 800r - 74 Stone per minute

    Pretty Horizontal Smooth Stone Generator - 1300r - 74 Stone per minute

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  2. Hey I'm interested in the plain generator
  3. Sure. Which server and which residence?
  4. Smp7 and res number is 15305
  5. How fast is your most efficient generator? I need one insanely fast, and I mean insane lol
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  6. i would like the full thing, the whole shabang. with the chests and everything.
  7. 75 stone per minute, which you need an Efficiency III pick to keep up with. I can make faster ones if you require, but the price will be much higher.

    Server and Residence please.
  8. Great product! And judging from your question " what residence", you're able to construct these on town properties? If so, I will buy both generators at the fastest speed possible for an Eff IV pickax to keep up with.
  9. Yes I am capable of making them in town (which I actually prefer, because the generators extend 4 blocks underground), and I suggest you only buy one type, because they are effectively the same.
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  10. Ah, great!! I'd like to place an order for the Pretty one with the extras. Smp1, #2547. I made an underground room which should be big enough for this project. If not, I will of course make it bigger.
  11. Sounds good. I'll be there in a few minutes.
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  12. Great work! Thanks for the product.
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  13. I'd like the pretty one, with all the goodies please! :p

    at 13332
  14. Sorry for the lateness of my reply. When you say the pretty one, do you mean the horizontal or the vertical one?
  15. Im interested in the pretty horizontal one. :D Please pm me with details and what i need to do. ;)
  16. Vertical
  17. Can you make one that can outpace an efficiency 5 pick?
  18. Not unless you have a free 40x20 area, a week of spare time and about 60k :p
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  19. What is the best pace you can do for 5k?