[Service] Sunny's chunky renders

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  1. Order Form:

    Server and Res:
    Extra Details:
    • If possible you should include a screenshot of your res to give me a rough idea of where to do the render from.
    • If you would like the render to be a certain resolution, please include that as well.
    Please Note:

    • Due to the nature of how the program works, entities and smaller blocks like player heads do not show up in render
    • Depending on the size of the renders I can normally get two renders done per day.
    • The price of these will be 475r each, with payment made on order.

    Chicken Shores 3.png

    Dockyard and Bridge.png



    And many more!
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  2. Reserved.
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  3. hi i'd like to have a chunky render of my house

    IGN: Leopard_Knight
    Server: SMP1
    Res: 1601
    Other info: Daylight. No other lights.
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  4. Sorry to double post but how's my render going? I've paid the 500r.
  5. Here it is.

    Leopard_Knight 1.png
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  6. Sorry to double post but can I have 25r back? I accidentally paid 500r instead of the 475r as advertised.
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  7. I'm aware of your mistake and I have paid you 25r back.
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