[Service]Stone Generator and Self-Repairing House Building Service

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  1. I build automatic cobblestone generators, smooth stone generators, self-repairing walls, and self-repairing floors.

    Prices are:
    Cobblestone Generator:95r
    Smooth Stone Generator:85r
    Self-repairing wall:Varies-Ask for quote

    Generators produce 1 block per cycle (14 ticks).
    For each additional block of cobblestone per cycle up to 23 blocks, add 50r.

    I am on SMP1. On other servers, there is an additional 10r fee to cover the costs of using the vault.
    If you supply the materials, the price is 10r per block per cycle, and there is no 10r vault fee.
    You need to pay me up front.
  2. I'll buy a cobble generator, who provides the materials and what will they be?
  3. I will buy the materials, unless you are able to provide them.
    I will send a PM with the material list.
    How many blocks per cycle (more means more expensive, but faster)?
  4. 2 or 3 not decided yet
  5. I sent a PM.
  6. Stone Gen send mats list and I am thinking 3 per cycle
  7. Smooth stone?
  8. Could you put some picture up of some of these stone gens with the different cycles? I'm not that good with redstone and would like some sort of visual representation.
  9. With these, you mean like u can make self-regenerating spleef arenas? i had a self-regenerating smooth stone spleef arena on my res a while back :) it was epic.
  10. This is the cobblestone generator.
    It generates 23 per cycle.
    This is the largest one I can currently make.
    This is the smooth stone generator. It generates 3 blocks per cycle.
    I have encased it in gold so people do not copy my design.
    Generators of different sizes will be wider or narrower, but otherwise the same.
  11. Yes, you can. That would be priced as a self-repairing wall.
  12. Thanks. Those pics help a lot
  13. you said I hadn't read this. :p
  14. I can you make me a Stone Gen smp1 Res 2304 :) when your on thanks
  15. Smooth stone or cobble?
    How many blocks per cycle?
  16. How come Smooth is cheaper?
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  17. When they say stone they mean smooth stone they are the same thing.
  18. K. Thx.
  19. Umm smooth Stone and what is Blocks per whatever xD