[Service][SMP 5][10223] Empire Enchanting!

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  1. Community Enchanting!

    Screen shot 2012-08-21 at 6.43.14 AM.png

    This is a free service for all the empire, although I would appreciate donations :)
    It's set up so you can adjust the bookshelf configuration using the switches on the wall for lower and higher enchantment levels. The max level for each switch down is:
    0 = max 8
    1 = max 14
    2 = max 17
    3 = max 24
    4 = max 30

    My goal is to have this service available on every EMC Server. If you're intrested in having one on your res, or have something similar, please contact me.

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  2. The machine is nonfunctional. You need to fix it. Add ACCESS signs, or give use flags.
  3. Added Access Signs them. My bad. Problem is my pistons have now gliched out :(
    At least the Table itself still works, if not the various levels.
  4. This is a great idea, up til this point I was using something similar on thecontroller's res.
    But this is much more handy.
    Shame it's broken at the moment though.
  5. Sorry, I forgot to warn you, I've been warning everybody about pistons.
  6. What's up with them? Mine have vanished, but the block outline is still there.
  7. That's the Block-X glitch. Disable the redstone, then wait. If it returns, simply mine them up.
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  8. SMP 5 Rebooted, the pistons have reappeared. Enchanting is good to go!
    Thanks for the info SparerToaster.
  9. *Useful Bump*
  10. XP bottles for 15r sold to the left of the table