[Service] Smartkid's Helping Hands Task Service

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  1. Need a ghast tear? Too many trees? Can't get a specific Villager trade? Or just plain lazy?

    Smartkid's Helping Hands Task Service is a organization that you can contact for any task at hand. These tasks can range from simple things, like a shopping trip, to making dangerous journeys for supplies for your shop.

    Prices range from 100r to 5000r, depending on the task at hand.

    Got something risky or just crazy? Come to my res on Smp2 at 3037 for any special requests

    For any other job, either PM me or visit my office at the address above to discuss price

    Need some extra rupees? see me about becoming a Task Man

    Remember our motto: We'll do whatever you don't want to.

    Note: Because of school and the new kingdom hearts game, some requests may take a while to respond to
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  2. I May need you in the future, i deem this is a good idea!

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  3. Thanks! I look forward to helping you out
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  4. Can you work for me I'll start a pm