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  1. Slvr's Bulk Service

    I offer a variety of items for affordable prices, and am a pretty fast worker too.

    You can find a spreadsheet containing everything I offer as well as prices and notes here, but here's a short forums version for those who aren't interested in clicking that (second spoiler, I honestly can't figure out what's making the first one):

    Prices overhauled 7/14/16. If you ordered before then, your order will not be changed.

    Dirt 150r
    Cobblestone 2500r
    Stone 4200r
    Granite 6400r
    Andesite 6400r
    Diorite 6400r
    Gravel 2400r
    Flint 3000r
    Oak Log 9500r
    Birch Log 9500r
    Jungle Log 9500r
    Spruce Log 9500r
    Dark Oak Log 9500r
    Acacia Log 9500r
    Grass Blocks 2600r
    Sand 7000r
    Glass 9500r
    Wool (White) 3600r
    Wool (Black, Gray, or Light Gray) 3800r
    Wool (Brown, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Lime Green, Magenta, Pink) 4000r
    Wool (Cyan, Purple, Blue, Light Blue) 4200r
    Bone Meal 2200r
    Arrows 3000r
    Rotten Flesh 3200r
    Sugar Canes 7000r
    Paper 7100r
    Ender Pearl 1000r
    Iron Ingots 10000r
    Quartz Flakes 40800r
    Gold Ingots 32000r
    Hay Bale 30000r
    Pumpkin 3000r
    Melon 2800r
    Carrot 1500r
    Potato 1500r
    Prismarine Shard 15000r
    Prismarine Crystal 20000r
    Leather 24000r
    Steak 6200r
    Clay 12000r
    Hardened Clay 7200r
    Stained Clay (White, Black, Brown, Light Gray, Gray) 7400r
    Stained Clay (Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Lime Green, Magenta, Pink) 7600r
    Stained Clay (Blue, Light Blue, Cyan, Purple) 7800r
    Charcoal 2500r
    Lava Bucket 800r

    To order, please use this form and post to this thread:
    # of DCs:
    Pick-Up or Delivery: (if Delivery, tell me what smp and where, and if pick-up, you'll want to go to /v Slvr-2 Mailbox on /smp8 when the items are ready)
    Deadline: (If you have a set date you Must Have the materials by, post that here)
    Total Amount Due: (if you order multiple dcs or multiple materials).

    • DO NOT pay me until I have told you the items are ready.
    • If you fail to pay me within 15 days after I have told you the items are ready, your order will be automatically nullified and the items are mine to keep. If you pay me but do not pick up the items within 15 days, and do not provide me with a valid reason, the order is nullified and the items (and rupees!) are mine. Note: This is to prevent my pickup location from becoming overwhelmed with orders that were never gathered; think of it as a sort of "derelict policy." I will warn you once every 3 days about a finished order that hasn't been paid for and/or picked up. If you know you will be unable to pay/pick up the items within that time frame, simply PM me and let me know. This is not meant to scam, but to heavily discourage players from taking forever (and taking up my pickup space) for their items. Additionally, if this does happen to you and you believe it was undue despite the rules above, feel free to contact me in-game about a refund and/or picking up the items.
    • You may cancel your order at any time.
    • Please - PLEASE - include the deadline in your order! If you tell me you don't mind and to take my time, please know that I will indeed take my time. I am quite the busy bee in-game, and if I have the opportunity to take my time on anything, I will use it. :p
    • If I for whatever reason cannot have the items by your deadline, we can discuss discounts for the inconvenience.
    • If you believe the amount of rupees for your order you were charged was incorrect, do not pay me, take it up with me first.
    • Allow 5 days minimum for orders that consist of 3 double chests or more.
    • If I have multiple orders piled up at once, which may cause your order to be delayed, I will let you know.
    • Say "cheesewagon" after your order form to let me know you actually read this text bomb, and to also ensure I don't get accused of scamming in the case of my pick-up location's derelict policy. If you don't say this, your order will not be filled.
    See here for queue list and estimated dates.
  2. Material: Steak
    # of DCs: 2
    Pick-Up or Delivery: Pick Up
    Deadline: Sunday 10th of June quciker if possible :p
    Total Amount Due: 12,400r
    I love this- "cheesewagon"
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  3. Yes sir, will do. :D
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  4. Material: DC Gold Ingots
    Pick-Up or Delivery: Delivery (can you mail it in 6 stacks of gold blocks? I will pay the 300r mail fee).
    Total Amount Due: 13500

    CHEESEWAGON.... totally didnt edit in after the fact :rolleyes:
  5. Material: Blue Wool
    # of DCs: 1
    Pickup or delivery: Pickup
    Deadline: Wednesday, July 13th
    Total Amount Due: 4000r

    I hope I did this right.
  6. fixed ya spoiler for you. you just have to remove all formatting
  7. Material: Gold Ingots
    # of DCs: 2
    Pick-Up or Delivery: Pick Up
    Deadline: Whenever i am not in a rush :p
    Total Amount Due: 27,000r
  8. Thank ya very much!

    Yes, I can mail em.

    You sure did and Ill have that ready quickly.


    And what with Sachrock pointing out, my gold price was ludicrously cheap, lol. So that has been updated - if you ordered before what it says in the OP spoiler however, you're not charged more. Sach kinda posted exactly as I posted that though so he made it by the skin of his teeth. <3 he's also the one who pointed it out to me so I owe him.
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  9. Material: wool, every color
    # of DCs: 1DC each color, total 16 DC's
    Pick-Up or Delivery: Pick-Up
    Deadline: you can take your time :)
    Total Amount Due: 60,600r
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  10. Might wanna reread the rule set.

    Cobblestone and stone prices updated; again, if you ordered before you're fine.
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  11. lol i did read it except the cheesewagon part xD
  12. Haha alright, will do ^^
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  13. Preview signs set at /v slvr-2 mailbox.
    As soon as Im online after you've paid, I'll change them to access.
  14. Material: Lava Bucket
    # of DCs: 1
    Pick-Up or Delivery: Delivery (Access chest set up @ SMP5 #10457
    Deadline: Thurs, July 14
    Total Amount Due: 800r
    I am all about that cheesewagon !
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  15. Done, as soon as payment is received and I am online I'll create an access sign at /v slvr-2 mailbox. Thank you!
    EDIT: Access sign placed.
    EDIT again: Im a moron and didn't see the delivery thing. I'll do that haha :p
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  16. Material: Gray Wool, Light Gray Wool
    # of DCs: 2 DC
    Pick-Up or Delivery: Pick-up
    Deadline: Wednesday, July 13
    Total Amount Due: 7200r
  17. BenMA has joined into the service and wishes to help with the following materials: Steak, Leather, Pumpkins, Stone.

    That means half of profits from orders concerning those items will go to him, and he should get some major thanks. ;)
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  18. Excellent, order received. Thank you Slvr ! :D
  19. You're very welcome, np!
  20. Material: Prismarine Shards
    # of DCs: 1 DC
    Pick-Up or Delivery: Pick-Up
    Deadline: Thursday, July 14 (Prefer ASAP)
    Total Amount Due: 3200r + Tip=4K :p