[SERVICE] Skin Statue Making

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  1. Hello all, First I would like to say this is a post on behalf of BlackKnight1021, as he cannot access his online account.

    He is starting the business of making a statue of anyone's skin for only 2k, anywhere there is room on your residence of any server!

    Smp8 gets free shipping, although if your res is on another server, transport costs will be 150r
    [All Payments Go To BlackKnight1021]
    If you are interested you may post in this thread or pm me, I will send the request to BlackKnight1021
    Otherwise if you see him around on smp8 or another server you may ask him there. Please do not pay in advance [he might get flooded with orders and not get to you in a while].

    [fair warning, he may ask to take screenshots of your skin. Due to the limited colors of Minecraft blocks, some shading styles and similar intense patterns will show up awkwardly on the statue.]
    2k per statue, +150r for shipment to non-smp8 servers

    res 16055
    res 16881
    res 16139 [made with help from Luckygreenbird]

    Order Form::
    Res #:
    confirmation form::
    Do you have an open space that is
    8 wide, 16 across, and 32 up?
    Do you have the funds?
    Are you using the skin you wish BlackKnight1021 to make?
    Are you willing to wait for your order?
    [this is a first come, first serve service]
  2. best service i have ever had and cheap totally 5 star's hire blackknight1021 he is the best you can send him a pic of your skin or take screenshots of you really cool idea for a job
  3. What's the price I would love one
  4. I would Love one :)
  5. Could you fill out the order form for complete information?, form at bottom of op.
    Also, updated the op so price is easier to see:)
  6. If you would like to get the statue, could you please fill out the form? Blackknight is more than happy as he is free to do more, there is a chance he'll be around on emc soon because he's coming back from a vacation if you would like to ask him in game
  7. IGN: GotFreshCookies
    Res#: 305
  8. Order taken and sent to blackknight
  9. Also dont use the skin in my signature, im needing to fix that
  10. He'll be back early wednesday, you can have the skin ready by then for him to work off of
  11. Can I do a pre-order? I am getting a new res, and I would like the statue there, after I build things around the designated area you require.
  12. You can have a pre-order as the list is still short, but building will not commence until you fill the form and the res ready to go
  13. Good, because I am getting the new residence today or tomorrow
  14. I took some action shots of the statues he made bloodycrap101 (me)
    coolzayzay 1 res over
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  15. do we supply the materials?
  16. He has a sheep farm, you don't need to
  17. Does he do the patterns but in Stone, Cobblestone, Stonebrick, and Stoneslabs? I'm in need of a Stone Statue of Jack's Skin in my wild city (don't ask :p) If he doesn't feel like doing that it's fine :)
  18. IGN: RainbowChin
    Res #: 10398

    Do you have an open space that is
    8 wide, 16 across, and 32 up?: Yep
    Do you have the funds?: Yep
    Are you using the skin you wish BlackKnight1021 to make?: Not now, but I will
    Are you willing to wait for your order? Sure
  19. He can do those materials, he did a bit of stone work in my statue. Though, I don't know if he will go to the wild, you might have to try and find him in game to talk about it.
    Order taken. Please do tell when you get your skin. p.s. I'm helping him get a skin stealing app so he can view skins of players without having to bother them in game