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  1. Order a Custom Skin and get it Delivered the same day! Your skin will only be available to you, no one else will ever have it. If you do not receive your skin the same day of order 10% of the price will be knocked off. Submit orders via PM or Posting below. Order Form and Prices below.
    Order Form:

    Level of Detail:

    Skin Details (Hair, Clothes, Colours, etc.):

    Time you would like to have it:

    Photo (Optional):

    Low Detail-1,000 R

    Medium Detail- 2,500 R

    High Detail- 5,000 R

    Add Hat- +500 R

    And if you order any future skins, you get 50% off!
    EMC Supporter Specials:

    Diamond Supporter Prices:

    Low Detail- 500 R

    Medium Detail- 1,250 R

    High Detail- 2,500R

    Add Hat- FREE
    Gold Supporter Prices:

    Low Detail- 750 R

    Medium Detail- 1,875 R

    High Detail- 3,750 R

    Add Hat- 375 R
    Iron Supporter Prices:

    Low Detail- 900 R

    Medium Detail- 2,250 R

    High Detail- 4,500 R

    Add Hat- 450 R
  2. You still doing this?
  3. If so
    Level of Detail: high

    Skin Details (Hair, Clothes, Colours, etc.): I want that basic hooded ninja assassin feel. Black robe with a gold trim and a bit if royal blue of possible.

    Time you would like to have it: as long as it takes