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would you be willing to buy one of these?

product number 1 8 vote(s) 88.9%
product number 2 2 vote(s) 22.2%
your own idea 1 vote(s) 11.1%
Multiple votes are allowed.

    I decided to start a business of making shop signs that are hooked up to redstone and do stuff.
    I have a few different products I sell but you can ask for a unique or specific contraption too.

    1: Standard shop
    what it does: A player buys an item from the shop and a redstone device (dispenser, dropper, trap doors, etc.) is activated.
    cost: 700 (includes all items necessary to build)

    2: Race/parkour
    what it does: A player buys from your shop then has to complete something to reach a button or pressure plate that rewards them with a prize. A timer can be set up with this.
    cost: 1000 (includes all items necessary to build. Does not include prize. A timer can be added for an additional price.)

    3: door access
    What it does: opens a door when someone buys from a chest. The door remains open until someone goes through. (Works with normal doors and trap doors)
    cost: 700

    choose your own
    What it does: anything you want! Just keep it reasonably possible. All you need to know is what you want it to do. If I really like your idea it could be added here as a product.
    cost: depends on what you are asking for.

    More to be added as I come up with them

    All items come with a Lifetime guarantee.
    This means that if something stops working because of an update I will fix it for free. This also means that as more compact and efficent methods are discovered, I will update your shop for free.

    Prices may fluctuate at times. If prices lower a significant amount after you have bought something then I will refund you the difference.

    How to order something if it is not custom:
    server (smp1, smp2, etc.):
    have you payed yet? (if yes then you will receive quicker service if I am backed up with orders.):

    How to order if it is custom
    preferred cost (keep it reasonable):
    note: Do not pay anything until I give you the actual price.
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  2. How much would it cost to have lets say... A chest hooked up to a door. Then when they get inside the room when they buy from the chest the floor made of trap Doors would open with Telly pads under them
  3. It would cost 700 and I will supply all items needed to build it.
  4. Have you got a test device to prove this works?
    If it does then sure , I'll buy the first one :D
  5. I have a test devise on my res. go on smp1 and type /v jkrmnj
    When you buy from the shop (it is free) and then push the button it will light up the redstone sticking out.

    Would you like to buy the shop thing Minner?
    If you like what you see Ninja then tell me your res and give me the permissions to make it. I will try to get it done asap
  6. I've tested it and it had worked.
    As nice as it is, it would be better if it lit up the redstone without having to press the button.
  7. Comparators Sir!
  8. But it easier said than done, you can't just hook up a comparator from it leading to a dispenser.
  9. I can make it so it doesn't need the button. I just thought I would make it like that. I will probably get rid of the button though since it has no real use.
  10. Last two posts agreed with sirs. Yes rather *english accent
  11. Just added a new product. I meant to add it when I first made the thread but forgot. See the original post for more info.
  12. What is this next product, not in the main post.
  13. What would a 15x15 piston door be?
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  14. The new product is the number three (sorry I moved stuff around) but it opens doors and closes them when you go through. I have demos of everything up there on my res.
    Sorry but I don't know how to make a 15x15 piston door. Do you mean it makes an opening of 15x15 for players to walk through. The best I could find when I started googling it was 7x7 (would be freakishly huge) and one that used the sand glitch. If you already know or have a working 15x15 piston door then I will hook it up to a chest for 700.
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  15. Okay l I havelooked will buy one if I see you online. look
  16. Awesome. I added an order form to the main post and colored everything so it looked cooler. I need to know the server and res information so I know where to look for you.
    I also fixed my demos. Some how I accidently broke some redstone but they are working now.
  17. Funny, i do all of this and more, FREE of charge and i supply materials
  18. 15x15?