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  1. Hello!

    This service is obviously a redstone shop. What I will do is create a redstone device that you would like for a cheap price. All the prices are negotiated depending on your budget and size of job.
    About Me
    I'm SheIsNice, I've played for over a year and am in dire need of money and this is one of the few (very few... :oops:) things I'm good at.
    To contact me please just PM me, reply or message me in-game (I'm normally on SMP4).
    Previous Work
    Unfortunately I don't have anything that you can see, I did do some of the redstone work on Jake_bagby's 9008 arena however it has been modified. I will try and make a portfolio as I do more orders
    How the service works
    This service is kind of basic in the way that it will all work out. You contact me saying what you would like, then we both come to an agreement on the price. If needed I will build the device in Single Player and give you the stats about it. You will need to supply all the items as I don't really have anything. The device will be paid in 2 ways. A payment of 50% at the start and then another 50% payment afterwards.
    What I can build
    I'm pretty skilled at redstone mechanics and have really learnt the in's and out's of redstone. I can build anything from a cobblestone/stone generator to a basic light system but also an advanced light system (everything triggered at night varying levels etc) and even some more advanced stuff such as tree farms.

    I will also use as little resources as possible while providing the device to be as great as possible, however if you want to cut down on resources then features may have to be removed from the device as it may not be possible.
    None :( Why don't you be the first?

    So yeah... thanks for reading! If you have any questions etc please just contact me :)
    - SheIsNice
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  2. I'll order from you later, I have to actually build the base of my arena first, and then I will hire you to make some awesome redstone contraptions! :D
  3. Sounds cool! :D
  4. You might like working at The Auto Zone
  5. Could u do a wither farm....lol
  6. The who? :p

    I'm not really into outside of town stuff... But maybe another time :)
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  7. My Full auto redstone machine res theres a thread about it :p