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  1. Hello, me and Amarin1492 are here with a little building service for my year on Empire!
    We thought we'd give something back to you for all the great memories and fun times we've had so without further a do.

    Building Service:

    Me, Amarin1492 & Takurashi are starting a new building project and we need a first round of customer. We just need someone to build on. Depending on what you want built, we will charge a price. But because you will be our first round of customers it will be a lot cheaper. Start a convo with me, Amarin1492 and Takurashi if you are interested in being in our first round of customers. We will have 3 people, the first 3 people that say what they want built will be in the first round of our customers.

    In the convo say the essentials, What res #/How Big/What Materials. We will charge a price, depending what you want, but it will be cheap!!!

    We will be providing the materials for you guys. But we will not be providing the "Special" block. eg Diamond Blocks/beacons/iron Blocks, things like that.

    We will see where we are going with this after the first round of customers will be announced.

    Here are some builds that have been created by us to showcase some of our talent!

    Hope you enjoy!
    Let's see what we can do!!!

  2. Ill be your first customer if you still need :p
  3. Is it fine to know who did what build? Or did you do them all together?
  4. We worked on them together.
  5. Question: Can you build modern houses?
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  6. Of course we can!
  7. Just wondering. That's all.
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