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  1. Have you ever stumbled across a boss you simply haven't wanted to fight? or even cant due to having a mining setup? enraged swarming you to the death in your mining tunnels? want a little piece of mind on your journey to your wild base? well we are here to help!

    I'm proposing a kind of response team that can be called upon for your protection/assistance. Some dictum priori would be that the respondent would have 100% share of whatever loot they get from protecting you as well as 1/16th of the diamonds you mine (only applies if you are mining and this is so they can repair armor/weapons and keep providing this service)

    To apply for membership in the response team fill out the following information in a pm to me:
    server(s) you frequent the most
    exact times you can guarantee you will be on (include time zone)
    will you commit time to fulfilling your pre-agreed upon contract (such as the amount of time rented etc)
    are there any players you will not take a contract from

    To apply for our service just post a message within this thread that includes the following:
    server you require service on
    estimated time of completion of contract
    nature of your contract (tell us what you are planning to do)

    As a respondent you have the following responsibilities:
    Ensuring the safety of your hire to the best of your ability
    • tell them to stay back when you are about to engage multiple enemies
    • run ahead of them at all times to aggro any assailants first
    • carry with you an enderchest and a bed in case you lose your hire so you can safely return their loot
    Managing any bosses safely away from your hire so they can continue to work in peace.

    Carrying out the full extent of your contract.

    Calling for reinforcements if a sticky situation occurs.

    Knowingly breaking any of these rules will incur fines and potential expulsion from the program

    All contracts will be negotiated before leaving town

    if you have any suggestions to make this idea better feel free to post it